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How to get your new boat when you want it, the way you want it

Timing your order for the best price, and getting it when you want it, commissioned right! We’ve custom commissioned over 1500 boats–each one different, just like their owners!

The typical Dealer pulls out a manufacturer’s price list, a spreadsheet really. Talks to you for a few minutes, checks some boxes applies whatever discount the manufacturer offers, and says here’s your boat.

So that’s how your boat is typically ordered. The commissioning proceeds from there. Bottom painting, rigging, check out… Is that it?

For many dealers, that’s pretty much how it goes.

The Atlantic Cruising team approach

But we offer an entirely different approach. We call it 5 star commissioning.

Is there one of these elements you want to leave on the table?  Atlantic Cruising Yachts is famous for it’s custom commissioning. See some of the customization available: Customizing your Order – pictures and information.

Let us show you the difference between a group of people doing ordinary things, and a team of people, doing extraordinary things.


Commissioning actually starts with ordering your new boat

From the moment we start working together, we’re working towards the goal of you accomplishing your individual goals. We give you more choices, but also share with you choices typically made by others. We package your boat to meet your needs, and get you the best price–guaranteed. We will have actual commissioning meetings with experts…

We now offer three full service commissioning facilities in Annapolis,Ft. Lauderdale and La Rochelle, France. In addition, we have affiliate management bases around the Atlantic Basin that are authorized service centers and can offer general and warranty services.

Custom commissioning is one of the most important processes to incorporate in order to get your boat set up right for you. It’s a bit like the old carpenters saying, measure twice cut once. Here’s a simplified version of the process–lots more involved and many talented, staff and experts are involved, but here’s the process:

  • Phase 1: Choosing the right options and commissioning location based on your specific needs. We provide appropriate change orders, and links to on-line technical information. (More meetings may be scheduled as needed, but especially, just before the last date for changes, we’ll review all of the choices so far to make sure we got it right, or incorporate any last minute ideas you might have.
  • Phase 2: Meeting the boat on arrival and choosing where to locate equipment (fans, outlets, dimmer switches, TV, etc.), and have a first introduction to your boat the way it’s coming from the factory, while tweaking anything you might want to add locally.
  • Phase 3: Check out and sea-trials. We spend a day with you going over the operation of all of the equipment, best practices, answer your questions and review the file box of equipment manuals. The next day, we go over everything again during a sea-trial. Additional instruction or training, including ASA courses is available on your boat or sister-ships depending on the season/location.

The commissioning process

Once your boat arrives, it’s all about getting it right for you. We meet with you and your assigned project manager to select locations for various equipment. Your boat will have a host of factory and local equipment installed, thoroughly checked, and then we will have sea-trials and the turn over process.

You end up with your boat set up to specifically meet your needs. It’s all a part of a process.

We have commissioned 100’s of unique boats, just as unique as their owners!

Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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