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2024 Dufour 530

Dufour 530 in Annapolis, MD
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The Dufour 530 Sailing Yacht is the pinnacle of luxurious sailing, masterfully combining the best of Dufour's Performance and Grand Large series. This yacht is a showcase of Dufour's rich expertise, built upon the architectural ethos of the Performance line for an exciting sail without compromising comfort. Its genuine racer hull appeals to adventure enthusiasts, while incorporating key Grand Large features for a cruise defined by luxury and refinement.

This yacht offers a generously sized and safe deck, outfitted with all the amenities for a lavish journey. It presents three unique maneuvering configurations to meet the diverse preferences of sailors. The cockpit is reimagined with cutting-edge functionalities, including an innovative bimini design that elevates the sailing experience while preserving the yacht's exquisite visual appeal. The Dufour 530 transcends the ordinary sailboat, emerging as an opulent, meticulously crafted vessel that focuses on every nuance to deliver unparalleled luxury on the seas.

  • The “Easy” version adapts to owners and charters looking for simplicity. She has a roof clear of any obstructions with maneuvers fitted to the coamings.
  • The “Ocean” version is dedicated to owners with a traditional handling style, with halyard maneuvers and mainsail traveler on the roof and sheets maneuvers on the coamings.
  • The “Performance” version will seduce regatta sailors. She is equipped with main sheet point in the bottom of the cockpit, six winches and hydraulic power station for backstays and boom vang. She features upgraded mast and boom for an increased sail area of ​​20 m2. The 2.80 meter keel is completed with a lead bulb. Finally, the signature and Performance equipment provide a pure racing look.

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See available stock boat located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Dimensions & Weight

Nominal Length:
53 ft
54 ft
16 ft


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