Dufour 530

Dufour 530

Incomparable Innovation

When the legendary Dufour Performance and Grand Large ranges come together as one. The ultimate merger of two worlds has created a sailboat with incomparable characteristics.

The Dufour 530 is a vibrant reflection of Dufour’s extensive know-how. Developed on the architectural premise of the performance range, her authentic racer hull has been designed with exhilaration in mind.

This 54-foot monohull has an open, secure, fully-equipped deck and breathtaking innovations including three completely distinct maneuvering layouts, a cockpit with all-new features, a revolutionary bimini concept, and beautiful aesthetics. She is a spacious, elegant sailboat with incomparable innovative down to the last detail.


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Overall length:
16.35 m | 53.64 ft
Waterline length:
14.97 m | 49.11 ft
Hull length:
15.50 m | 50.85 ft
Max beam:
4.99 m | 16.37 ft
Light displacement:
17,774 kg | 39,184.96 lbs
2.30 m | 7.55 ft
Keel Weight:
4600 kg | 10,141.26 lbs
Fuel tank capacity:
440 L | 116.24 gallons
Water tank capacity:
740 L | 195.43 gallons
Engine power:
76.07 cv (11.57 opt. cv) | 75 hp (opt. 110 hp)
Sail area:
125 m² | 1,345.49 sq. ft
65.5 m² | 705.04 sq. ft
59,5 m² | 640.45 sq. ft

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