Dufour 41

The Dufour 41 is an innovative 40-foot yacht with a focus on outdoor living and a spacious cockpit. 

The Dufour 41’s exciting new look focuses not only on a sleek appearance, but a design that embraces a well-proportioned living space both indoors and outdoors.

Dufour has taken this elegant design a step further, offering a cockpit volume comparable to much larger yachts, thanks to the knowledge, experience, and passion for sailing of the Dufour teams. The large cockpit boasts numerous handrails for even greater safety when underway.

The Dufour 41 combines modernity with abundant light throughout and the newest innovations. No matter which version you choose: the “Adventure,”  the “Ocean,” or the “Performance,” you will have well-designed spaces for easy movement onboard in complete serenity. With two layouts in either three or four cabins, this luxury sailing yacht will cross seas and oceans with agility.


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Overall Length:
11.99 m | 39.37 ft
Max Beam:
3.99 m | 13.12 ft
Keel Weight:
2,560 kg | 5,732 lbs
Engine Power:
50.71 cv | 50 hp
Waterline Length:
10.99 m | 36.08 ft
1.99 m (0.00 m opt.) | 6.56 ft (0.00 ft opt.)
Fuel Tank Capacity:
250 L | 66.048 gallons
Hull Length:
11 m | 36.09 ft
Water Tank Capacity:
250 L | 66.048 gallons

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More About the Dufour 41


In harmony with Dufour’s DNA, this large yacht has been designed and conceived to provide excellent performance under sail while offering you plenty of space.

The boat’s handling and performance are incredible assets that particularly reflect the personality of the Dufour range of yachts.


This new cruising yacht offers beautiful living spaces designed for you to make the most of the boat, inside and out.

In the two offered layouts, the Dufour 41 is equipped with numerous storage spaces and a fore-and-aft galley, allowing you to move freely and easily around the boat.

In the three-cabin layout, you’ll find a large and bright owner’s cabin with plenty of storage space and your own bathroom. Your guests will have two beautiful and spacious cabins each with their own bathroom.

In the four-cabin layout, up to ten guests can be welcomed aboard the Dufour 41. This yacht is the only one on the market to offer, in the 4-cabin version, two proper forward cabins, featuring generous sleep space and soundproofing between the two cabins.


There’s no denying that this new model in the range is bathed in natural light. With around 60% more light than other models on the market, the new Dufour 41 allows you to make the most of your indoor and outdoor living space.

The enhanced design is robust, yet efficient with a simply elegant interior built with quality materials. The Dufour 41 is offered in two styles, Europe and Boston, both as warm as they are bright.

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