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Why Dufour’s Signature Features Make it Impossible to Resist


The name Dufour is synonymous with build quality, high performance, and distinctive designs. The French-based company has been manufacturing sailing yachts since 1964. With over 50 years in the yachting industry, Dufour (which has merged with world-renowned Fountaine Pajot) has become a top competitor with Jeanneau yachts, a high-end brand in the industry.

The Dufour sailing monohulls stand out among the rest because of their distinctive signature features. These Dufour yachts are crafted for performance cruising unlike any other because of the intricate details of their designs and expert craftsmanship.

The History of Dufour

In France, in 1957,  Michael Dufour, a competitive sailor, and engineer, learned about the new material, polyester. With a great passion for sailing, he began designing his own yachts using polyester in 1964. He was inspired by the material and took great financial risks to design the “Sylphe,” a transportable yacht. He rented his own hangar and called his new company, Le Stratifié Industriel. In less than two years, his business exploded with the launch of the “Arpège” model, which revolutionized the liveaboard yacht. In 1971, they began manufacturing yachts under the name Dufour SA. Currently located in La Rochelle, France, Dufour produces over 400 boats annually. Our exclusive partnership sees the majority of Dufour yachts sold and commissioned through Atlantic Cruising Yachts.

Features That Are a Cut Above the Rest

Combining comfort, performance, and technological advancements, Dufour continues to set the standard for excellence when it comes to sailing yachts. From their luxurious interiors to their state-of-the-art navigation systems, Dufour’s signature features shine when they are out on the water.

World-Renowned Design

Originally designed by Michael Dufour, the Dufour Classic range was released in the 1990s as a fully-equipped yacht. Almost a decade later, leading naval architect, Umberto Felci began collaborating with Dufour in 2002. The newly created Dufour Performance range of yachts was perfect for racing, and the Dufour Grand Large range of sailing yachts were built for cruising. Each range is designed to meet the needs of various types of sailing enthusiasts. The unique hull design creates extreme precision and quality. One of their newest yachts, the Dufour 37, the sister ship of the Dufour 470, has a single rudder and twin steering wheels. It is created for improved performance with a slightly lower and rounder hull that decreases noise. The Dufour 61 is a flagship yacht with two galley options that is known for both her comfort and performance.

Elite Construction

Known for their meticulous, elite construction, the sailing yachts are made with the highest quality materials and professional expertise. Their innovative methods and approaches include lamination by hand, meticulous assembly, refined joinery, and detailed controls. The builds use quality construction materials such as stainless steel frames, teak flooring, and durable fabrics throughout.


Stability, Speed & Maneuverability

Some models feature a high freeboard, which reduces drag and increases stability. This design allows the stunning monohull to move quickly through the water with minimal effort, making them perfect for long voyages or coastal cruising. Additionally, the shape of the hull handles well in choppy waters. Standing out in the yachting world, the powerful aft sections, steady hull, and reduced wetted surface areas and appendages for cruising make Dufour a cut above the rest.

The deck shapes provide balance, enhancing speed, maneuverability, and improved hydrodynamics for better fuel efficiency at cruising speeds. The rudders allow for precise control even in adverse weather conditions. For certain models, you can choose from one of three versions: Ocean, Performance, and Adventure. The various versions allow you to pick which type of sailing suits you best.

Elegant Comfort

The gorgeous galley is positioned near the cockpit and is perfect for gathering, eating, drinking, and enjoying the open water. Elegant cabins with multiple configurations provide the comfort and luxury of home. State-of-the-art technology is used for navigation systems, entertainment centers, and modern appliances. Dufour’s excellent interior design includes three sophisticated themes to choose from the Boston or Europe, or Millennium style of interior. Each theme has a different color scheme that creates the atmosphere that you desire.

Dufour delivers an unparalleled combination of luxury and performance. From the sleek and durable hulls to the cutting-edge designs, every aspect of these top-of-the-line sailing monohulls has been carefully crafted to provide an exceptional sailing experience. Contact a sales consultant at Atlantic Cruising Yachts, an exclusive Fountaine Pajot and Dufour dealer, to get started on your journey to yacht ownership today.

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