Dufour Yachts: Performance-Based Monohulls

For more than 50 years, Dufour has been creating yachts with a strong distinctive design that has made it one of the most respected and loved yacht manufacturers the world has ever seen. Now merging with Fountaine Pajot, the Dufour brand continues to be a major force on the world’s waters.


Yachts and the growth of sailing across the world likely wouldn’t have been possible without Michel Dufour’s designs more than 50 years ago. By respecting both the lifestyle and performance of yacht sailing, Dufour saw the need for meticulous design to bring together a vibrant helm with a stable and steady hull form.

Dufour took that passion and created some of the world’s most incredible yachts, while the Dufour factory developed into a production line with its sights set solidly on quality and precision.

That passion continues today at the Dufour plant located in the heart of France’s incredible sailing culture in La Rochelle – all on the same grounds for the entire company’s history. The shipyard is one of the world’s largest and supports more than 450 employees – many of whom enjoy sailing themselves – while being a major focal point for the French sailing community.

New Era

In 2002, legendary yacht designer Umberto Felci brought his incredible skill for the design of race-winning yachts to the Dufour team, setting a new benchmark for yacht design. His yachts have spectacular lines, comfortable ergonomics, and most importantly, incredible performance.

Exterior Design

Dufour Yachts have always been iconic. Even from far away, the brand has been recognizable to sailing enthusiasts and novices alike. That foundation came from Michel Dufour’s original designs and continues to this day under the guidance of Felci.

With hard lines, a thin waterline beam, and a distinguished bowsprit, Dufour’s new era has been driven by Felci’s vision and Dufour’s history.


Umberto Felci Dufour Yachts

The Dufour Yacht Range

Dufour Yacht Sail Range 2022

Interior Design

While the deck and exterior may boast performance, thrills and speed, the interior is designed with quality and comfort in mind. The Dufour team has made the spacious interior simple for a reason – to fit you.

When it comes to the interior, Dufour wants to make you and your passengers feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Need a private area for a relaxing evening? Dufour can provide a secluded escape with its captain’s quarters. For those interested in chartering their yacht, there is an option with two cabins forward and an extra bathroom.

Dufour 61

Deck and Rigging

Dufour offers three rig and deck plans to best fit your needs:

EASY – The design offers comfort and simplicity with winches and clutches all positioned on the coaming.

OCEAN – This package offers more trimming possible, more controls on the coach roof all within helms’ reach.

PERFORMANCE – Boating a taller mast, bigger sail area and option for a deeper keel for more thrills and fun on the water.

Dufour Yacht Design


Dufour remains a leader because of its innovation by pushing trends forward. That’s why Felci’s firm has created three new design trends for three different atmospheres:

Boston – For those who love the traditional staples of sailing but want the modern touches and perfect lines right down to the finish for the yacht.

Europe – Today’s finest interior design comes to life with contemporary finishes.

Millenium– Trending to a new level for those who want the modern graces, with key metal details and electric blue fabrics.

Dufour sailing monohulls are meticulously crafted for performance cruising. With our team at Atlantic Cruising Yachts, you can own the Dufour of your dreams, expressly set up for you. Discover the ACY Difference and learn more about our complete range of Dufour yachts here.