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A story from our customer, Barry Slifstein, who re-evaluated his priorities and got back into boating after his father passed. Barry is a knowledgeable and experienced boater who just finished delivering his new Jeanneau 54 from Annapolis to the Virgin Islands.

This story is about two exceptional boats and an exceptional man, Barry Slifstein. He chartered “Not Afraid” and named his new boat “About Time,” and what a wonderful story he has! Read about his experience in his own words:

“It’s amazing how fast time flies.  After not sailing for 16 years, we chartered ‘Not Afraid’ out of St. Thomas at the end of May 2017 and signed on the bottom line for our new Jeanneau 54 the next week on June 2nd.  The summer was certainly a whirlwind for our family.  As a first time boat owner, the summer was as exciting as it was scary and nerve-wracking.  It was truly an emotional roller coaster – tingling with the anticipation of an arriving yacht and also saddened a bit that my parents, who introduced me to sailing, wouldn’t be around to experience it with us.

The one common thread through the whole process was the great team at Atlantic Cruising Yachts.  There was always a welcomed calming effect emanating out of ACY, regardless of who I was speaking to.  It was clear that the team was very experienced and had done this hundreds of times, even though for me, it was my first. Much the same as the actual boat moving down the production line, as I progressed to each phase of the process, I was transitioned to the most appropriate ACY team member who possessed the skill set and experience to get me successfully through their respective stage and on to the next.

Main saloon with electric, multi function table and the famous Bench seat installed.

Eric Smith was very knowledgeable about all of the boats and the hundreds of options available and guided me through the selections to put me into a boat that I am extremely proud of.  Kris Vereen is clearly the numbers person at ACY and worked with me through all of the nuances, gives and takes, and price adjustments. She orchestrated moving me ahead in the production schedule and the variations which that entailed in order to ensure that my boat was received in ample time to be prepared for exhibit at the boat show. When the boat arrived in Annapolis at the end of August, Kris passed the baton to Ken Krasco who knew the boat inside and out and walked me through all of the dealer fit options, locations, purpose, etc.  I remember calling Ken a number of times in a panic about a certain option or concern and he was always calm and collected and immediately put me at ease.  Lastly, I can’t thank Bill Heflin enough.  Bill dedicated a large chunk of his time from the boat show to ensure that I was ready to shove off on November 13th.  I even remember that the salon bench arrived the night before the boat show and he installed it just in time for the show.  I am very good at putting lists together and Bill got a very long list of open items from me and meticulously plowed through all of them.

Thanks again, to the whole ACY team, for making our first sailboat purchase such a great experience and I look forward to staying in touch with you as we make lasting memories on ‘About Time.’

Barrys video interview about why he bought his boat at this time.

Link to the Jeanneau 54 information, including a video.

Barry’s beautiful new Jeanneau 54, “About Time,” is available for charter in the Virginia Islands through our Waypoints® network. Contact Susan Restauri for more information.

Susan Restauri – Charter Reservations Manager 
Office: (443) 203-5596 ext. 1015
Direct: (443) 203-4015


Barry reports that they had a record passage, consistently averaging better than 10 knots for extended periods, and hit 14 at times. The experienced captain, Jeff, said this was his fastest passage ever by 24 hours!

Barry loved the boat and the secure feeling it gave him. He said he would absolutely do the trip again and is looking forward to getting back down to the VI, and then sailing further down the chain.

He especially enjoyed the security that the AIS offered. Barry mentioned that while the refrigerator was great for shorter trips, for longer trips, they had to plan ahead to take items out and put them in the cockpit refrigerator while the boat was on port tack—which it was for a great deal of the time. He also commented on chaffing at the turning eye for the furling line where it goes through the eye at more than 45 degrees—different hardware there would be appreciated.

Otherwise, the boat was magnificent.

How it all comes together.

Another recent customer just recently commented… (This recognition that ACY has the best custom commissioning program in the business–doesn’t just get awarded by accident!

Back home now, I’ve had a chance to reflect on what a great experience the three of you all made for me these past two days.

It was quite an experience accompanying Bill and the guys down to the Ports America to unwrap Constellation. Even all the waiting for paperwork to get inside was worth it all to see the boat for the first time.

Kris, I appreciate all the coordination you have done for me with Mark Delaney and Eric Olsen. Your patience on the 17+ contract revisions to get the everything on the boat the way I wanted is a testament to your client commitment.

A special thanks to Vaughan for all the calls she taken from me, and the coordination she’s provided throughout this process. The hug I got when I walked in the door on Wednesday was extra special.

Ken, I was disappointed that you weren’t in Annapolis so I could say a proper thank you for all the time you spent with me on the 449, and the sage advice you had on all my questions.

I can’t forget Mark, who was my first contact at ACY back in May of 2017. The time we spent together on that docks in Annapolis, looking at the 449 and 44DS was the launching point of this journey for me. His enthusiasm for the Boat Ownership Program boarded on infectious. He never pushed, always guided, and was always ready to play the devil’s advocate when need.

I also wanted to say thanks again to Bill Lahr for the independent financial guidance, and business recommendations he gave me, and my advisors.

Now on to the commissioning, and a summer of charters in Newport, RI. Bill Lahr, you’ll be pleased to know that Brian has already booked Constellation for 10 weeks.

Bill Heflin, thanks again for a great two days.

…David Krist, “Constellation

Eric  Smith, Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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