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Hélia 44 Evolution Cockpit & Salon - Lucia 40
Helia 44 Evolution Cockpit & Salon

An experienced owner of a Lucia 40 (The first in the U.S.) talks to a new owner about the livability of the main saloon. NOTE: The standard table is the cocktail table, pix 3 for all of the boats. The idea is that most people use the cockpit table for the main dining table as they follow the sun. But what if you want a dining table? We offer 4 choices… (These solutions are available on all models from 40-67′) Check out our Fountaine Pajot pages.

“We’re aboard Love Knot this week, cruising the BVIs with our grown kids. The large salon table is a place of constant activity–serving as chart table by day and game table by night when it’s too breezy for playing cards at the cockpit table. We haven’t made use of it as a bed yet, but that time will come and we have all of our kids with us.

We will be posting photos of our cruise this week and next, which might give you more perspective about living in a Lucia.

Happy New Year with your new boat!”  SC-Md


Now, there are 4 choices for the table to increase the livability. You can have everything from the standard cocktail table, to a full sized table or two different convertible tables that can offer a conversion from dining to cocktail to sleeping platform.

the new Lucia 40DiagFold-UpDown - Lucia 40IMG_0461 - Lucia 40Upholstery fabric - Lucia 40

If you’re spending much time on your boat, your home has a dining table, cocktail table, kitchen table or bar and a home office desk. On your boat, we have developed one table that fits all of these needs and it lives right in the heart of your boat–in the saloon. The best table choice ever–An electric hybrid table. Makes a full size table/computer table/desk/coffee table, or converts to a full sized double bed. Available on virtually all models. See the ultimate table, here.


When Steve got his boat, we put our heads together to come up with ideas for enhancing the storage which was already abundant on the Lucia. Suzy and I discovered a host of ideas at the container store. Many of the ideas revolved around their excellent selection of different size slide out SS wire basked drawers.


 See customizing video introduction for more… VIDEO HERE.

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