Dufour Warranty Procedure

Dufour Warranty Guidelines

Dufour boats are guaranteed in accordance with the general warranty conditions provided to you. Download a copy of the Dufour warranty document.  Atlantic Cruising Yachts, your dealer, is here to support you with your warranty claims.  Please remember that we can not make warranty decisions on behalf of Dufour. Our role as your dealer is to assist you with preparing and resolving your claims with the factory.   The warranty is between you, the boat owner, and the factory.

Every Warranty Request must be in writing and must include the following information:

  • Boat Type
  • Hull Number
  • Delivery Acceptance Date
  • Boat Location
  • Identity and address of the contact
  • Complete description of the problem
  • Pictures and/or Videos to show the problem (close-up and further back to show location on the boat)
  • Action taken to resolve problem
  • Recommended Solution
  • Estimate for Repairs (parts and labor)
  • Return of defective part

All above information must be captured and sent to the ACY Warranty Department.  You may submit this information electronically through our ACY Service Request portal.  Upon receipt of your request, we will review and prepare your claim for submission to Dufour in accordance with their warranty guidelines.  As needed, Dufour may request clarification of parts, pictures or even more involved explanations to make warranty decisions.

We would like to remind you of the following requirements from Dufour :

  • No intervention can be completed without prior written authorization from Dufour.
  • Except in specific cases, every defective part under warranty will have to be returned to Dufour.
  • In emergency situations involving safety of the boat and passengers, action may be taken to resolve the problem without pre-approval and then submitted to Dufour for warranty coverage as quickly as possible.