Dufour Commissioning Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of a new Dufour monohull!

We want to make your new boat experience as pleasurable as possible. In order to facilitate this, it is important that you fully understand the processes that are required to purchase a new Monohull in France, deliver it across the Atlantic to the United States, and complete an often complex aftermarket commissioning and outfitting project. It is also important that certain guidelines be followed, especially concerning the delivery and commissioning process.

The purchase of a Dufour monohull generally consists of 5 primary phases:

  1. Factory build phase, culminating in the completion of the boat by Dufour at the yard (“ex-factory”).
  2. Settlement – Boat will be paid in full before leaving the Yard.
  3. Post settlement work in La Rochelle.
  4. Trans-Atlantic delivery by freighter.
  5. Dealer commissioning and installation of aftermarket equipment (“local” or “dealer-installed” options) both in La Rochelle and upon arrival in the United States depending on the delivery method.
  6. Final handover and sea trial with you, the owner.

As you might imagine, at any given time we need to bring together teams of skilled contractors to supply the essential elements that will complete your boat. Because there are many boats in line ahead of you and behind you, these people, who will be scheduled by your commissioning manager, need to operate efficiently. Adding last-minute items or making last-minute changes can create serious delays. To ensure the smoothest possible commissioning of your new boat, please review the following guidelines. Most of these issues are not new, they are already included and referenced in your purchase agreement. We want to review the areas that are sometimes not completely understood.

Factory Build

Dufour Vessel

The build of your boat starts when the factory orders all the parts needed.

This process begins when the deadline for factory changes is expired (around 4 months before the ex-factory date). This date is communicated to you when the boat order is confirmed & could be updated during the process.

Then the production of the boat starts between 4/12 weeks before the ex-factory depending on the models.


Your purchase agreement provides for settlement and final payment when your boat is Ex-Factory, i.e. completed at the factory.

This is when the factory expects to be paid and they will not release the boat without payment in full.

If you have arranged financing through us, we will assist you with coordinating everything with the bank to help ensure a smooth process.

Post Settlement Work In La RochellePost-Settlement Work Dufour

Only for Delivery Option 2*

Your boat will be trucked to La Rochelle, Port of Les Minimes. She will be bottom painted, masted, rigged, and launched by ACY commissioning team in La Rochelle.

If you have contracted for additional after-market equipment, some of this work might also be done in La Rochelle by our subcontractors there. For example, prior to launching the boat, we might add additional thru-hulls for watermakers and other equipment. Other equipment might be added that is unavailable from the factory and better installed prior to the delivery.

Also, our agents in La Rochelle will go through the boat and its systems and work with the factory to resolve any warranty items discovered at the Port and prior to the boat leaving La Rochelle.


We will help you to find the best way to transport your boat depending on the period of the year your boat is completed.
We have 2 possible options:

  1. Trucking directly from the factory to the Port of Antwerp (Belgium), and then shipping your boat from Antwerp to the United States.
  2. Shipping from the commercial Port of La Rochelle (La Pallice) to the United States or the Caribbean.

CommissioningDufour Hull Wrap

Commissioning is defined as all of the make-ready issues for the boat, including installation of locally provided equipment and the final checkout and sea trial with you and our staff. Your local commissioning order should be finalized at least thirty days before your boat arrives, to ensure availability of parts and equipment. Local commissioning takes approximately 4 weeks, depending on the scope of your project and the weather.

Where you choose to take initial delivery of your boat will determine where the boat will be commissioned. ACY clients have the option of outfitting their boat in La Rochelle, France (for those taking European delivery) or at our facilities in Fort Lauderdale or Annapolis. Please note that there will be a price difference for commissioning in Florida, as dockage and insurance costs are higher. This will be reflected in the commissioning quote. Please direct all questions regarding Florida commissioning fees to either Kris Vereen or Ken Krasko.

From the time your boat arrives, please do not load or store any personal items on the boat, or send items to our office. We have no ability to securely store them. If you need a storage facility, we can put you in touch with storage facilities in the area. From the time your boat arrives, you and/or your insurance policy is ultimately responsible for your boat.

After the initial order, any additional items you want to add require written agreement by way of a Change Order, and add the cost to the settlement amount due, to be paid in full at settlement (except as noted above for non-traditional financing). We will attempt to meet with you approximately thirty days prior to settlement to review your options so that if you do want to add something, it can be included in the financing (if applicable). Stage of construction or availability restraints may make changes or modifications impossible or require later scheduling. Any change orders must be paid for prior to work progressing. No change orders will be accepted after commissioning begins, this is essential to ensure that we can meet the delivery timelines for you and others.

Upon arrival of your boat in the United States, and prior to the commencement of commissioning, you will normally have an opportunity to go over your boat with us. Again, if you want changes and they are possible without disrupting the general commissioning schedule, we will issue a change order. You pay for the change at that time, and we will incorporate it as long as our commissioning manager thinks that your commissioning request can be accommodated and that of other boats will not be unduly delayed. While your boat is being commissioned, you should communicate directly with the commissioning manager and not with the contractors or suppliers that we use. We can not allow any other outside vendors to do work during the time that our commissioning is taking place. There are serious insurance and other issues that could end up costing you more and greatly delaying the time when your boat might be ready. If during the commissioning process, you want to add something, and our commissioning manager cannot accommodate you during the scheduled time of commissioning, we can issue a work order for completion as time, equipment availability and scheduling allows.


Approximately 2 weeks prior to the completion of your commissioning, you will be contacted by the commissioning manager to schedule your Handover. Handover involves a technical briefing and familiarization and a sea trial.

At handover, any warranty items or other deficiencies will be noted by you and the commissioning manager. ACY will make best efforts to promptly resolve the items and/or file warranty claims on your behalf. After handover, please be ready to remove your boat promptly upon completion of your check out, unless other arrangements have been made (in writing), such as relocation to our Cruise Annapolis fleet. Once you remove your boat from ACY, you are accepting it as-is, with any existing deficiencies or warranty issues expressly noted. If there are other warranty issues that arise after check out, please carefully follow the warranty procedures outlined below. We are not responsible for any expenses incurred without prior warranty authorization.

We will be there to help you anywhere, anytime for either factory or locally supplied equipment as long as you follow the required guidelines and mandated procedure.

  1. We will provide you with all of the supporting manuals and documentation provided to us by the respective manufacturers. It is not within the scope of our commissioning work to provide schematics and/or documentation on any custom work or locally installed equipment or on every piece of equipment. If further documentation is desired, the owner is responsible to obtain it at his cost but ACY will extend every reasonable effort to assist him.
  2. After handover, we strongly recommend that you spend a few days onboard to double-check all the systems and equipment. Perhaps a long weekend. Make a list of any issues that arise, and bring it back to the ACY commissioning manager so they may be addressed. All new boats have a “punch list”, the sooner we have an opportunity to address it the better.


The warranty for your new boat is between you, the owner, and Dufour, the manufacturer. A copy of the Dufour factory warranty was provided to you at the time of contract, you may download it again here. Dufour Warranty. ACY warrants the workmanship of installations of dealer equipment it has installed for a period of one year. The warranty procedure must be followed in order to ensure that valid warranty claims are covered. Your ACY commissioning and service manager is here to assist you with handling and processing warranty claims. In general, the process for Dufour warranty claims is as follows:

  1. Every warranty request needs to be submitted on our warranty claim form and must include the following information:
    – Boat Type
    – Hull Number
    – Delivery acceptance Date
    – Vessel’s Location
    – Identity and complete address of the contact
    – Detailed problem description
    – Photographs of the problem (the more the better)
    – Any actions completed
    – Recommended solution and estimate for repairs from a qualified contractor
    – Any other useful elements likely to help
  2. No Intervention can be completed without prior written authorization from Dufour
  3. Excepted in some specific cases, every defective part under warranty will have to be returned to the yard.
  4. In Emergency cases involving security issues for the crew and/or the vessel, all documents and documentary evidence related to any intervention or action completed will have to be sent to Dufour service with the claim.
  5. Failure to comply with these procedure will lead to delays or rejection of your request.