Connecting Sailors through Stories of Life on the Water

With all of us spending time home, many of us find ourselves reminiscing about simpler times spent on the water. Sharing those sailing stories with each other has been inspirational for all of us, and we want to bring that inspiration to all of you.

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Share Your Sailing Stories! What are your earliest memories of sailing? What made you fall in love with boating and the water? Record a video and send an email to to be added to our YouTube playlist, or post on your social media with #MySailingStory.

Something Beautiful Found by Chance: Sailing Story by Philip P.

“In these turbulent times, I thought I’d share a video of a sunset…seems a rather boring subject but I find it rather calming and a validation that all is not chaos and peace can be found when you seek it.

My wife, Kathleen, and I had decided to do some social distancing and cruised our new Fountaine Pajot MY 44  roughly 210 miles from St Petersburg to the Dry Tortugas. Secluded 70 miles west of Key West we calculated that the Fort Jefferson National Park located there would be abandoned as the park was officially closed. We spent 3 days exploring as we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Taking the dingy and after a long day of snorkeling and wandering around Loggerhead Key, 3 miles further west, we returned to the boat for a nap.

We’d planned to leave for home the following day however when we came out on deck refreshed the sea had gone completely flat. I mean looking at the horizon you could not tell where sea ended and sky began. We left at 5:30 in the afternoon. As the sun set that evening I took the video of the sunset.

At a stately 10 knots, we slipped silently through the night without a ripple arriving.

We named our boat the Trouvaille. A French word roughly translated as ‘something beautiful found by chance’ or a ‘lucky find’. I tell everyone it’s named after my wife but in this instance, it means so much more.”
– Philip P.

Best Day: Sailing Story by Harry G.

Twenty-five years ago, more or less, my crew and I had completed a four-day distance race around Long Island, New York. The race started near New York City and ended in Hempstead Harbor, a distance of approximately 240 miles. The plan was to remove the racing gear and return the boat to a cruising sailboat at the finish.

Most of the crew left to return home, but one friend and I were going to sail out to Block Island and meet our wives for a few days before my wife and I were going to extend our cruise. We needed to leave around midnight in order to catch the favorable currents.

In the first lights of dawn, way before sunrise, we saw a boat’s anchor light a mile or two offshore. The sea was mirror flat with a mist rising off of the surface. As we got closer and slowed down, we could see an older gentleman ( probably about my age now) sitting in a small rowboat fishing and hear the opera music coming from his radio. As we passed, my friend and I realized that we had just entered with another man’s soul into his nirvana.

Over the years my friend and I have remarked how surreal that moment in time was.