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Monohull Boat PrioritiesOur clients all have different priorities and needs, which means they all want a different monohull for different reasons. There are a number of choices for each type of boat, each of which was designed to meet a different set of needs.

To help you clarify your choices, take this survey. It was specifically created to help you understand your wants and priorities related to owning a boat.

Jeanneau’s Position

The economics. Sailing represents less than 10 percent of the boating market, depending on what all you include in that category. Racing and high performance boats are less than one percent of that sailing market. This makes the demand for racing boats too small for any major builder to offer a regular production base at reasonable cost.

Having said that, there is a huge range of priorities within the cruising sailboat market and, in many ways, Jeanneau is the leader.

Benefits of Cruising Sailboats

  1. Cruising sailboats have more load-carrying ability than a performance boat, meaning they can carry more stuff without serious degradation of performance.
  2. They are more comfortable. They have more comfortable seating, sleeping, and lounging spaces.
  3. They are easier to handle.
  4. They put an emphasis is on easy single-handing, rather than quick maneuvers with a large crew.

Jeanneau is the Leader in the Category of High-Performing Cruising Boats

  1. The designers create an exceptional, all around good sailing hull rather than offering a racing model and cruising model.
  2. They do offer a dedicated purpose performance hull in the Sun Fast Series. But the emphasis is more on adding performance options such as performance keel and different rigging and sail combos to their proven high performance, cruising designs.
  3. Because they’ve positioned themselves in the heart of the sailing market in terms of what people are looking for and aligned themselves with Beneteau Group, the largest sailboat building corporation in the world, they offer unsurpassed value for your hard earned dollars. They build significant volumes, which lends to economy of scale.

Jeanneau has become the second largest builder in America, and they alternate with Beneteau as the largest sailboat builder in the world. This volume of success allows for mass buying power, which passes the savings on to you, offering you more value than any other competitor.

To make Jeanneau an even better value to you, we offer our famous Business Yacht Ownership® program. We help you set up your own business based around your boating interest, which gives you all of the benefits of owning your own business. These advantages include earning enough income and tax advantages to reduce the costs of ownership 80-100 percent. You can even earn a profit! See our short, 3 minute introductory video.


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