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5 years from now–today, it will be 5 years ago! Where will you be? Will you be any closer to getting the boat you really want–or stuck in the same old rut? Is there a way to measure your progress?
Here’s a story. About a friend who had a life-altering experience. Not a huge, I’m President, king of the world experience. Something much quieter. A realization that guilt, and his past feelings of never having enough– could be put behind him.
He finally admitted to himself, that he had earned the right to treat himself. Life was good. His family was o.k. For one great point in time, an Aha” moment perhaps, Sam focused on what he really wanted. On a singular goal. A lifelong yearning. A passion. He brought his life into focus to achieve rejuvenation. It wasn’t really about this one material thing, it was what it represented. The freedom to reward himself for a life well-lived.
Here’s a glimpse into a re-awakening. A life-altering revelation–sparked by a simple tape measure. A tape measure that was transformed into a symbol of his life–now, and stretching into the future.
Perhaps you’ll find a bit of your story–embedded in his story.
So, is acquiring a boat a goal? Can you make it your focus–right now? Is there a way to own a boat without diminishing your net worth? Without having a negative cash flow?


Where are you now? A Life Measurement Tool is included in this article.

How do they truly wealthy get wealthier, no matter what’s happening in the economy? The real secret is that they cut the biggest expense in their budget—taxes!

And, they ask better questions of themselves and others. They don’t ask, “Should I buy… (whatever)” They drill down, and ask persistent, more meaningful questions. “What will happen if I don’t buy a boat now?” “Will inflation erode the value of my money? Is there a way to increase my net worth and own a boat too? Can I somehow convert taxes into equity in the boat I want? Can I set up a business that helps with my retirement planning, and paying my boat off early (5 instead of 20 years, 1/4 the time for 1/4 the cost)? Is there a better way than the way 95% of people who don’t have the secret do it? (See Tony Robbins short video on: “Asking better questions”, here.  Note: What you focus on, you will find.)

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You have a Yacht Business Coach,  Eric Smith, who has already helped over 800 people (as this is written) convert taxes they legally avoided paying to IRS into equity in a boat. They learned how to start a unique boat business and take the normal business tax advantages available to any business and use these tax advantages now to own a boat with little or no out-of-pocket cost. They learned to use today’s more valuable dollars which will go much further than tomorrows. By acting now, you can use today’s dollars to make boat ownership a reality and to make your life less taxing. The story below will show where you truly are on the timeline of your life. The time for action is now! At the end of this article, you will be given an opportunity to join a free seminar or webinar or to simply get more information on Eric’s proven program, Business Yacht Ownership®.

Picture this True Story

Picture of Termar StorefrontA few years ago, 6 or 7 of us “Bus-n-Bikers” (our club group of motor homeowners who pull trailers with motorcycles and cars in them) were walking along a street in a resort town in Colorado. Our friend, Sam, glanced into a jewelry store window we were passing and spotted a diamond Rolex watch. He said, in general Picture of a face of a gold Rolex with Diamondsto the group, “See that watch? I’ve always wanted one, but no way I’m going to spend that kind of money for a watch!” (You should know that Sam is retired and has more money than he could possibly use up for the rest of his life!)

Pete, who is wiser than most of us, having retired early from the car business, had been measuring the interior of his motor home for new flooring, so he pulled out a tape measure he had with him. (If you want to make this real, and worthwhile, get out a 10’ or longer tape measure now—we’ll wait! Dum de dum dum… OK, Back?)

Pete said, “Sam, how old are you? 64?” Sam replied, “Just turned 65.” Pete took his tape measure off his belt and started pulling out the tape. “Sam,” he said, as he slowed down his pulling action, “Here’s where you are now.” He put his thumb on 65”. Pete paused for effect as the rest of the tape sagged down to the sidewalk. “Sam, how old do you think you will live to?” Thoughtful silence picture of a tape measureensued.

Pete said, “Let’s say to 88.” Pete rolled the tape out further and stopped at 88″ as the tape continued along on the ground. “But Sam,” Pete said, “maybe those last several years won’t be so great? Maybe you won’t be so mobile? So, let’s back it up to 80″.”

Holding the tape measure up for all of us to see, with his thumb on 65” and 80” showing at the case. Pete went on. “Sam, this tape represents your life up until now.” We all looked down at Pete’s thumb on the tape at 65″ and the relatively short run between his thumb and the case with the tape stopped at 80”. “Sam, this is what you’ve got left.” We all looked at the relatively short distance between his thumb and the case, at 80”.

“Buy the damn watch!”

Sam did, on the spot. Sam went on to have two knee replacements and had to eventually give up some things, including riding motorcycles, but he’s still active, and he Picture of a guy laughing with a shirt that says sail fastenjoys his watch and his decision every single day. That’s a picture of my friend Pete, right, on a recent catamaran sailing trip with me. Everyone should have a wise friend like Pete!

If you don’t want to give up on your dream, there are lots of options open to you. What you can visualize, what you can focus on, what you can prioritize — you can have. If you didn’t see it yet, see Tony’s video on focus and achieving your goals.

Here’s a specific way to overcome inertia and take the first step to overcome procrastination and start now. Next time you face a small or large decision, think about this 5-second rule. Watch the video, then count down 5,4,3,2,1… Grab your tape measure…

Try the exercise with the tape measure. Do it now. Keep the tape measure in a top drawer to periodically remind you to use your new “Life Measurement Tool” to keep your priorities straight.


Prophetically 9/13/2013, Sam passed away at 81. He enjoyed his watch, and his life, right up until the end. I was privileged to get to know him and ride motorcycles with him.

I remember this story from time to time and reflect on how short life is, and how important it is to be with the people you love and to do the things you love. “Life isn’t a rehearsal!”

Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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