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In your home, you probably have a kitchen, living room, dining room and family room. In your boat, you probably have one space that serves all four functions. See the video here.

The problem is, you have one table that has to serve all of these different priorities at different times and often, doesn’t perform any of them well.

The typical solution is a Hi-Lo table, or a choice of a cocktail table or dining table…

A more elegant solution…

Is there a simple solution? Yes there is. A convertible table. I don’t mean one that goes up and down to make a berth, but rather a unique, custom designed table…

What will it do?

  • Go down to make a berth.

  • Act as a full sized dining table whose edge is above the seating area so it acts like a real table

  • It also goes down part way to make a coffee table or serving table and then has a mechanism to allow it to move or fold up to be smaller so there’s complete walk around and leg room all around it. (Depending on the boat, maybe it makes into two distinct, independent tables–as shown in most of these pictures.)

  • It is operated electrically or with pneumatic pedestals.

Here are some proven solutions.

1. The Jeanneau 54 offers an elegant pair of tables on an electric lift. Each goes up and down independently, and the leaves fold over to make them more like a coffee table and easier to get around. We have a variety of manual and electric pedestals and a source for table tops in any wood or configuration. We can do this.Left, all open for a big table that can also be lowered to make a berth. Center: The aft leaf folds on top of the forward leaf to create a coffee table sized table. Left behind on the pedestal (Just on the edge of the picture) is a small base left over as an additional small table–easy to get around. Right: the full size table set up for business. Note both pedestals are electric and controlled from a control panel to the right. See the video resource to see it in operation.

TableFullNoDec - convertible tableTable Folded - convertible tableTablefullOut - convertible table

2. Here’s my favorite solution. 2 pedestals (electric or pneumatic). 2 tables (custom made). Each has four triangular leaves. When the leaves are folded in you have a cocktail sized table with walk around space between the couch and table. Lower them to your favorite height for lounging and you can still get around. rotate the corners to the center, open the leaves and you have two square tables that make a full sized table–up, or a platform for an inflatable cushion to make a bed–down. See the video here.

NOTE: These are pictures of tables on a different vessel. All components are off the shelf items– available from regional vendors that we use. Actually this concept is used in many restaurants as a space saving, flexible solution for diners (They don’t use the up-down feature, however.)

Don’t neglect the cockpit…

As a bonus, on catamarans–you can do something similar with the cockpit table and it too can be a high low making into a berth–in fact, our clients who have incorporated this feature report that they spend many of their evenings, sometimes overnight, snuggled up in this nest they create in the cockpit!

With the cockpit being so open to the main saloon, you end up with the feeling of one huge space with multiple functions.

Ckpit - convertible tableconvertible table 1
Cockpit ideas…
convertible tableCockpit Table set - convertible table

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