Life Lessons from Sailing


TheOneThingThe One (most important) thing

Most of us in business or who have experienced success in some form, have learned one of life’s great lessons. To be successful at a task at hand, you have to focus on it. You have to make that the most important thing.

On our return from France at the dealer meeting I had the opportunity of reading  book, “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan I had this concept boil back to the top of my conscience as I reflected on our success at winning the #1 dealer award for the 4th straight year–we’ve been in the top 2 worldwide for 25 years–mostly #1.

There may be a corollary to this idea we learned from sailing during our Regatta after the dealer meeting. 20 Fountaine Pajot Catamarans, cruise-racing in the Med. This is the most informal (fun) kind of racing you can imagine, but the challenge is that there is no handicap, you need to use your wits and wiles.

We had a charter Helia 44 (from another company in the Med, not one of our well equipped boats). We were up against stripped down smaller and larger boats from 40-56. Some had folding props and all the goodies. Some had spinnakers.

sailingwindshift - Lessons from Sailing Frank, Rudy and I huddled at the start of the race and determined that the wind was going to come in stronger from the left after the first 3o minutes or so. So the one important thing was to get there and get there first to counteract our lack of equipment that we could do nothing about.

We started first, then got rolled by bigger, better equipped boats but stayed in the top tier of boats. At the first opportunity, we tacked out, alone, to the left. It felt a little lonely for a while but when we eventually tacked back we realized we were ahead of everyone in our class and went on to win our class.

Racing Catamarans - Lessons from Sailing
Now this is racing!

So in the class of charter boats with no advanced gear we went on to win the first and second race–not the regatta, but the best that could be expected.

The lesson? It doesn’t matter how fast you sail, if you’re not sailing in the right direction! This was the “One Thing” that mattered for this race and by focusing on it, we achieved our goals.

ACY’s “One Thing” is customers first, and exceptional. customizing services. Other dealers mouth the words service, but seldom put up the resources to deliver. Over 44 years we have put together a dedicated team to offer you custom commissioning. Get your boat the way you want. Perhaps equipped for placing in management initially, but with systems built in for future live-aboard equipment like water-makers, washer-dryers, and more.

Award - Lessons from SailingOf course you should get a great price and we offer one of the strongest Best Price, Best Service Guarantees in the business. But, if the boat is not right in the first place you will never be happy with her. The One thing isn’t just the price, it’s getting your boat set up right in the first place, and then having rock solid service from planning to familiarization to follow up. This is why we’re consistently #1 in the world.

Because we do this better than anyone else, that’s our One Thing, and, perhaps the one thing you shouldn’t compromise on.

By the way if at some point you choose to make getting a new boat your “One Thing”, learn about all of the alternatives for getting a boat for less. Attend one of our webinars where we compare a conventional purchase , to a brokerage boat purchase, to our Business Yacht Ownership® program. This is not a Charter boat program (There are 4 possible streams of income) and it’s not like any other program. It works quietly and, if you qualify, it offer’s the least expensive way to own a boat.

If you truly want to get into a boat, stop “sailing in the wrong direction” and learn about the system that has helped over 700 others satisfy their quest for a new boat. Join us for a webinar about this unique program most Thursday’s or Saturdays. Make learning about your options for acquiring a new boat your “One Thing” this week. Link to learn about and join a webinar.

The final phase of getting your boat your way–the final check out.

From Stefan M.

“… Chris, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your time in France. I wanted to drop a quick note to compliment your staff. Sean and Bill went out of their way to make sure that our boat was handed over on time and in perfect condition. Bill worked very long hours to fix any remaining issues and we left Annapolis on time and arrived in Newport without problem. Make sure he gets a raise! ;)…”

From Jeff C.

“….Most importantly I want to thank you for your patience and attention to detail and your staff for being courteous and available with advice and assistance. Bill provided very important support to get through the night with supplies and instructions and explanation of the manuals. Paul and Rob provided dock support and explanation of services explaining instruments….”

Thanks guys for your hard work and dedication!  Job well done!

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Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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