Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 and 490 Awarded “Innovation Award” at the Miami Boat Show!


The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 has been a testament to the innovation and dedication of the Jeanneau brand, having already collected four large awards this year for her clever design that allows for greater ease of movement onboard. Most recently, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 was awarded the Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show last week! She has been seducing juries with her “welcoming, seaworthy spirit: at once cozy and sporty, masculine and feminine,” since her introduction.

The Innovation Award is a wonderful honor for the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440, awarded for her walk-around side deck that encompasses a game-changing style that sees the decks inclined, sloping down to the cockpit floor, allowing for free movement about the deck without obstacle. The side decks slope downward as they flow aft and join with the cockpit behind each helm so you never have to climb over the coaming to get in and out of the cockpit.

This ease of movement is a transformation for the Sun Odyssey line and shows that Jeanneau is moving confidently into the future with this new design. The interior has been given a revamp, as well, with the new living spaces focusing on natural light and ventilation to give the yacht a spacious feel. Jeanneau has redefined what we may very well come to expect from cruising yachts in the future, succeeding in their attempt to make sailing more comfortable. The Sun Odyssey 440 features a split cathedral rig which allows for ease of circulation around the decks. While it can be a difficult thing to envision, it will certainly make sense when you step onboard and realize that you’ve walked up to the bow and back again without the need to climb or duck.

Additionally, this model features folding down seats in the cockpit to create two large sunbathing pads. This was a well-thought-out plan by the designers and not merely an afterthought. Jeanneau has spent several years creating, testing, and refining the brackets and hinges that allow this feature to exist.

The Innovation Award given to the Sun Odyssey 440 is just another one to add to the growing list of accolades awarded to this model since its introduction. To date, the Sun Odyssey 440 has been awarded European Yacht of the Year at the Dusseldorf Boat Show in the “Family Cruising” category, Boat of the Year by Cruising World Magazine, and named in the Best Boats of 2018 category by Sail Magazine.

The Sun Odyssey 490 features the same side decks as the 440 line and was also recognized with an Innovation Award at the Miami Boat Show. These awards are a testament to the beautiful design of the new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey range and the leaps forward these yachts are making in the industry. Considered to be a “dramatic evolution…and a bright vision for the future of cruising boats,” the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 and Sun Odyssey 490 are making waves and people are noticing.