The Helia 44 is Now Intracoastal Friendly

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March 28, 2016

​So, you want to travel the intracoastal waterway this Spring or Fall?

The intracoastal, a popular marine highway in the spring and fall. It has two requirements to navigate… Relatively shoal draft–under 5′ is ideal, or you really have to watch. and a 65′ mast clearance (sometimes called air-draft).

The Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 meets this requirement perfectly. The standard Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 mast is just a bit to high.

Now, we offer the Helia 44 IC.

The diagram has notes, but essentially you only give up 4.8% sail area compared to the taller, square top main, and you gain about

20% over the conventional (triangular) main, with the taller mast—so you actually have considerably more sail area, still, than most of the competition.

Compared to the taller mast, standard version with square top–you are only giving up 4.8% of mainsail area. You will be maintaining the same Genoa area and still have considerably more sail area (with the IC rig and square top) than a taller rig, conventional triangular sail.

Of course the bow sprit and forward sail combinations are greatly can incorporate the bow sprit and then sail area choices are greatly enhanced for lighter air sailing and downwind sailing—and these won’t be affected at all.

All and all, for a serious cruiser, I think this makes tremendous sense. So much so, that if you make a commitment before Monday, I’ll cover the cost of the conversion. (Normally about $6,500).

This is as close as it gets to “Having your cake and eating it too!”

Now both the Lucia 40 and Helia 44 are Intracoastal friendly.

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Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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