Hacks for Yacht Living: 4 Tools for Water Use


At home, it’s easy to be apathetic about your water consumption. Water is automatically filtered and heated through a system in your house. When aboard a yacht, water becomes a precious commodity and we need to make adjustments. These four water use tools help make living aboard a little more efficient and easier.


Watermakers not only provide safe, pure drinking water, but also plenty of water for bathing, dish-washing, clothes washers and even for electric freshwater heads – overall making life easier on board. watermaker

A watermaker operates by using the reverse osmosis process. Imagine wanting to convert salty or polluted water into pure drinking water. The reverse osmosis process concept use a high-pressure pump to force the water through a filter with very small holes. These holes are so small, only the smaller water molecules can get through. The salt molecules, and other pollutants are too large and blocked. Learn more about choosing a watermaker here.

Galley Saltwater Foot Pump

When the water doesn’t need to be freshwater, A galley saltwater foot pump works well to conserve water, while also freeing up your hands to do things like wash dishes. There’s no need to turn a faucet on or off, just simply start pumping with a foot. Pumping lightly will deliver a light stream, while a more aggressive pump will deliver a heavier stream.

Freshwater Foot Pump

No matter how frugal you may be, pressure freshwater systems use more water than foot pumps. A freshwater foot pump is great for daily activities like brushing teeth and will help save water. Rather than turning on the engine and pressure water pump to make and deliver hot water, heat a tea kettle and use the water for washing your face or dishes.

Sun Shower

Most yachts will have a suitable  shower onboard, but when weather permits, using an outdoor sun shower can feel amazing and refreshing. It uses less water than a pressure system shower and the sun heats the water. Minimizing the wear and tear on the yacht’s hardware, saving fuel, and helping to conserve one of the most precious resources — it’s an easy decision.  

So how do you incorporate these tools into your yacht? Learn about our custom commissioning process or give us a call to discuss.