James Tiernan Sailing Story

Growing Up with Dufour

DufourMy Sailing Story

Growing up, Sail Magazines were constantly scattered through our home. My Dad was your typical sailboat buyer. He spent YEARS window shopping. However, we did have a Drascomb Lugger and I used to race 420’s which kept us on the water while he decided what his next boat was. Mom finally got sick of the research and surprised Dad for Christmas in 2003 with a full executed order on a Dufour 34 Performance Anniversary Edition with delivery in Spring 2004! The funny part to this story is Dad had bought Mom a fancy steam cleaner for Christmas… let’s just say there was a nice Diamond ring that found its way onto Mom’s finger the next week.

I called Mom and Dad last week to ask, “Why was it you chose Dufour?”.

My mom had 3 main reasons:
1. It was what my Dad wanted.
2. Shopping local was important and the local dealer made her feel comfortable and made the deal easy.
3. It was the only boat offered at the time with a nice galley pack. Cups, plates, cutlery etc.

My dad’s response was the following:
Beneteau was what I was originally focused on, but after spending time on the Dufour, the finish quality was unquestionably a step up from the Beneteau. Also, I was doing a lot of racing at the time so the performance of the Dufour was something that really appealed to me.”

I found these answers very interesting. Mom was a classically trained chef so obviously, an equipped galley was going to appeal to her, and Dad built custom homes so of course, the quality of finish was valuable to him. He truly understood and appreciated the value of a quality finish.

We sailed the Dufour around the Coast of Southern Ireland for 8 years, lots of rain, wind, and rough see so foul weather gear was a must but we enjoyed the odd day of pleasure sailing!

It was Dad and my thing to do. I really appreciate how much sailing influenced our relationship. Sailing was our time to bond. It was mostly day sailing with some offshore trips. It was the perfect size for our family of 6, but also the perfect size for one or two of us to sail. Dad was very proud of being able to take her out by himself. He enjoyed the peace and quiet of sailing by himself. Although I’ll still argue to this day he definitely needed a bow thruster, and so may of his dock neighbors!

She was docked across the water from our restaurant in Kinsale, Cork, which was called….. The Spinnaker, of course!

Having this sentimental connection with Dufour and owner experience made so so excited to help build this brand to the strength it has in Europe. I would say other than the boat its self, the most important part of our enjoy meant of owning the Dufour was the dealer.

The first day she arrived the dealer and Dufour had organized Musto Dufour Branded jackets for the whole family and Dufour watches for Mom and Dad. Dad gave me his which I still keep in my watch box to this day.