New FP47 Dinghy Lift


In a YouTube post about the new FP 47 video, CP asked:

aerial - New FP47 Dinghy LiftThe dingy platform is interesting. Do you think it’s reliable? I like the idea, but would be concerned about the complexity and additional systems to worry about. I noticed they are also offering traditional davits.

Chris, thanks for your comments. The reliability of the platform is a common question. It is hydraulic. A system that has been used on power boats, farm equipment, and other heavy industrial equipment that undergoes rough usage day in and day out and offers superb reliability under the most adverse conditions.

That’s why this system was chosen–for it’s heavy duty, robust capability.. It has been carefully designed so that when up, it is totally clear of the tunnel and it’s resulting stern wave. It goes down to the level of the stair platforms just above the water, providing a lounge terrace as shown in the pictures, and, finally, it lowers beneath the water for launching of the dinghy or scuba divers. Unique on a sailboat at this time, but a sign of things to come.

The platform provides almost unlimited flexibility in lifting a much heavier dinghy–like a RIB with console and much bigger engine–say for water-sking!? Also a great scuba diving platform which can lower participants down into the water with their gear for easy access and egress (There is also a remote control.) As you say, standard, or hydraulic davits are available as well, but this is an innovative, reliable and flexible solution for handling the dinghy and fun activities–creating an entirely additional “social” zone on the boat.

The new 47 will be introduced world wide in the spring of 2017, and in the U.S. at the Annapolis Boat show in Oct. 2017 where we will have the grand introduction with one of my customers. We are taking orders now, with introductory pricing.

Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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