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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions come up almost daily. Many are answered in more detail elsewhere, so I will link to those answers.

 What’s the best way to learn about sailing? (6 more questions follow)

For the sake of transparency… (Oh, not that kind of transparency!) Self serving, but use the resources of a web site like this, then think about taking an ASA (American Sailing Association) course to get the book and on-water experience. This is the most recognized certification out there and offered as live-aboard, vacation courses at most of our bases. Go sailing with friends any chance you get.

 What’s the best sailing course to take?

ASA courses are recognized by most major charter companies–so getting your ASA “Charter ready” certificate will  get you qualified to move forward and get additional experience chartering. ASA also has a suite of courses so that you can go on to advanced ratings, and facilities are all over the world. They’re consistent so you  can try different boats in different areas. We and our affiliates offer courses all around the Atlantic Basin.

 Why should I work with you?

Eric-Chris-Webinar - Sailing Frequently Asked QuestionsChris and Eric here. Experience matters (if shared with you).

Eric: I don’t just talk about my racing or sailing experience–I have been deeply involved in the business. Ran my own Yacht Sales and charter business for over 42 years. We’re now partners in Atlantic Cruising Yachts with more resources than ever–available to share with you.

Chris: Eric and I have been together over 13 years, and I’ve been involved on both the charter and sales side. I’m now the President of ACY. I have the knowledge and connections. We have become the #1 Fountaine Pajot dealer in the world, and #1 Jeanneau dealer in North America–we must have done something right!

Experience matters. But the second reason, is that we offer the most experienced and successful Business Yacht Ownership® program in the world! We have helped over 800 people set up their own Boat Business–successfully. Private boats, privately managed. We’ll share the consensus opinion of some of the best experts in the financial adviser community. See what our customers say. Hear what our owner’s say–video interviews.

 What is this Business Yacht Ownership Program® about?

Eric Smith - Sailing Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Eric 410-703-5655

Eric Smith, program founder here. Like so many logical things in life, it came about because of a need. Back when I started in business in the early 70’s I, perhaps like you, was aware of how many boats sat in their slip all weekend long… Then, one fortuitous day, I had a client ask if I could charter his boat when he wasn’t using it. Not only did that work, but together, we discovered the tremendous tax advantages available when you (properly) set your boat up as a business.

I have now helped over 800 people set their boat up as a successful business. It’s the most successful program of its type in the world.

The idea is, to start, you don’t make a downpayment. You don’t take money away from your investment portfolio. Instead, you switch a portion of your investments into an investment in yourself—in your new Boat business. Like with any business, you’ll qualify for huge tax advantages and when set up properly, your business will be among the least audited entities of any business (Actually less than 1/2 of 1% chance–but you’re totally bullet proof if audited!)

I’ve done 100’s of seminars and webinars and have extensive information and can provide access to financial planners, owners and professional charter managers. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Join me for a webinar (link below) and find out if this program might make sense for you.

 What should I expect when I visit your home office in Annapolis?

You’ll see boats, not just brochures! You can charter them, try them, spend the night on them. You’ll see boats being commissioned, boat coming and going. Coming in from Trans-Atlantic crossings, and boats going out for a weekend charter. We’re on the harbor in Annapolis, America’s Sailing capital, and most sailing friendly port in the world. We have 3 major airports within an hour (BWI is closest) and several private airfields.  Annapolis-getting here: CLICK HERE

 What’s so special about custom commissioning?

Buying a boat is more like buying a custom home, rather than a car. There’s way more that you can do to tailor the boat to your lifestyle. This includes looking at what you want initially, and looking ahead. Maybe, initially, you’re going to have your boat in our management plan, or just use it around your local waters. But, if you’re thinking of more serious live-aboard and offshore sailing later, we can pre-wire and pre-plumb for water-makers, washer-dryers, and other more serious cruising equipment.

There are many options that other dealers don’t even know about, or don’t have the resources to offer. you should talk to us–it doesn’t cost, it pays. At the end of the day, we always offer our “Best price, best service guarantee!” to every client we serve. This is all a part of why we’re consistently #1 in the world.

See more at our commissioning page, here. (More specifics with the menus on left.)

Want a complete price quote? Sample quote, option list and more. Request Price quote form here.

More on custom commissioning…

We’ve listened to 100’s of people and commissioned thousands of boats. We have two commissioning centers, one in Map-All-314 - Sailing Frequently Asked QuestionsAnnapolis, and one in Ft. Lauderdale. In addition to that, we have all of our charter affiliate bases acting as a service, parts and warranty center.

So we’ve got you covered. 

Want to see the process in action? Here’s a short video.

Contact Eric for a more detailed video.

Price is important. but so is quality and your ultimate satisfaction from a job well done. We like to say, we’ve commissioned 1,000’s of boats: “Each one different, just like its owner!”

Most dealers say pick any two. Quality, Service or Price–we say you can have  all 3–when you choose your dealer wisely.

Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
More from Eric >> Boat Business Webinars, Videos, Blogs, Learning center and more.

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