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Selling/Trading your boat?

Here’s the information that you will need. From deciding on how to price it, to putting a listing together and marketing it. Find out what to expect from the market, and review comparable listings with our powerful search engine.

Please use the handy form included to provide information for pricing and marketing your boat.


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  1. Discussion: Boat and market
  2. Listing your boat-helpful forms
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1. Discussion

Hi, Eric Smith here. Ultimately, I will discuss with you:

  1. Comparable boat prices.
  2. Plus and minus factors that effect your boat price–in the market, specific to your boat.
  3. Staging, updating your boat for optimum resale.
  4. A marketing plan
  5. Location and possible re-location.
  6. In the end, we may or may not be a fit. It will take considerable effort on both of our parts to make this a win-win situation–so let’s get started…

 There are two or three principal ideas I use to recommend pricing.

  1. Look at sold boats with our confidential sold boat program.
  2. Look at comparable boats on the market now–today.
  3. Use a custom analysis program which takes into account what’s happened to comparable boat, new boat prices and apply depreciation factors relative to your particular boats. This is based on the premise that as new boat prices continue to go up with inflation and other marketing factors, a used boats price will initially depreciate some amount to reflect it’s marketability relative to a new boat, and then follow along with a more reasonable depreciation going forward. This approach is especially helpful to boats under 5-6 years old, but pricing becomes increasingly dependent on condition and equipment relevancy to new equipment as time goes on.

In order to create an effective marketing plan and get you the best possible price, whether you’re simply selling your boat, or possibly trading it, I need the following information to move forward.

(If you’re trading, we should have gone over the new boat and equipment and come up with a quote, and approved financing. If there’s a longish wait for a new boat, we can also look at brokering your boat with reduced commission and a possible guaranteed trade-in price at the end–another discussion.)

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Listing your boat-forms

2. Listing your boat-Forms

  • Form: Information on your boat.  Tell us about your boats equipment, condition, a self-survey, location and everything we need to effectively market your boat.
  • Listing agreement  This is a central listing agreement. We will represent you, and enter your boat on the worlds largest most successful search engine: Yacht World. We will also market it through our newsletters and other resources.

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3. Take a look at the market on our search engine

You want to look at boats similar to yours. Enter search criteria that includes

  • Size 1-2′ larger and smaller. (Sometimes brokers use advertised size, sometime actual measured criteria–quite a variation
  • Year 1-2 years newer and older
  • Look at similar brands
  • Enter criteria that looks at similar geographic area.

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4. Resources

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Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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