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Rick Day President of ACY Yachts California
Mobile: +1 760-518-5629

Rick Day’s love of boating began when he was a small child aboard his family’s modest 16-foot sailboat. Those regular sailing adventures led to a passion for maritime adventure that included learning to sail on his own, competitive races, and time in the Navy. After a successful stint in the telecom industry, he came back to his interest in yachting with the purchase of a Beneteau sailboat in 2007, a move that led to a fruitful business partnership and the establishment of a leading dealership for sailboats and powerboats in California. This in turn would be another successful chapter in his career, as he helped lead the dealership to multiple Beneteau Dealer of the Year awards.

With a philosophy rooted in ease and enjoyment, he has driven innovations in customer service to ensure that yacht owners can indulge in the pleasures of boating without the burdens. That same care that led to serving clients through a dealership continues to inform Rick’s conversations with his clients. More than owning a yacht, it’s about inviting people into a lifestyle that promises escape, adventure, and unforgettable experiences on the water. 

Today, while semi-retired, he remains actively involved in expanding yacht consultancy services and enjoying life’s adventures, whether sailing the warm waters of the Bahamas, flying over the landscapes of America, or nurturing the independence and careers of his children. 

Listen To My Customers Tell Their Story

Rick is fantastic. He helped me buy my first boat and his guidance was invaluable. He is super honest and patient and went the extra mile in various ways to ensure safe delivery of the boat and a smooth process. You are in good hands with him.
Joshua N.