Commissioning – The Most Important Aspect When You Buy A Yacht

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For the first-time buyer, yacht commissioning is an exciting process. Because it is such a critical part of purchasing a new yacht, it often leaves the buyer anxiously waiting to start their yachting adventures. There are different approaches to commissioning, some dealerships hand the process over to a third party, while others see the project through from the build to the maiden voyage. At Atlantic Cruising Yachts, we work closely with our clients, our internal team, and the manufacturers to commission the yacht of your dreams.

The Many Different Ways to Use a Boat

To commission a yacht for the ultimate cruising experience, it’s essential that clients help their yacht dealer understand how they plan to use their boat. A boat used to charter in the Caribbean will have different needs than a boat that will be cruising in remote parts of the world. The Atlantic Cruising Yachts team builds a relationship with each client and gets to know the needs and wants of a new yacht owner, including where they plan to cruise, how long they plan to be on the water, if they’ll be anchoring a lot, etc. All of these factor into the type and model of boat best for the client, as well as the technology, gear, and equipment it will need. However, you plan to use your boat, Atlantic Cruising Yachts can outfit it to meet and exceed your every need and expectation.


Building Your Dream in France

New yachts are carefully crafted by the manufacturer at the boatyard in France. Treated like a blank canvas, these boats are then designed and outfitted to meet each client’s specific needs after they buy a yacht. Fountaine Pajot and Dufour yachts are ordered and commissioned in France. With high-end materials and professional tradesmen, these boats are built to perfection with meticulous attention to detail. Not only are these exclusive yachts built using the most innovative designs and layouts, but they are also expertly crafted for safety and luxury. The team at ACY frequently communicates with the manufacturer to ensure that the timeline is on schedule and that all work is done to the highest standards available.

Commissioning Upgrades and Features

Atlantic Cruising Yachts has been selling and commissioning yachts for over 40 years. Throughout these decades of commissioning hundreds of luxury boats, we’ve been able to outfit them with top-of-the-line tech and must-have equipment to ensure every journey is a safe yet memorable one.

For those planning to cruise to remote locations, away from resources for an extended amount of time, there are many precautions to consider during commissioning. Charging systems, solar panels, wind generators, and large battery bank systems can ensure there’s never a power shortage. Communication systems are integrated to get in touch with anybody, anytime, anywhere, including single side band radios for radio frequency backup and internet access.

Those who dream of being at sea for extended periods can outfit their boat with extra fuel capacity and a watermaker. This allows for more time on the water and the ability to be self-sustainable.

Autopilot and backup autopilot can be added to ensure relaxation and navigation. Jacklines can be installed so the captain and crew can walk about the craft day or night safely.

On a Mission for Yacht Commissioning

Our yacht commissioning team takes time to understand the needs of every client and works with them to design a custom plan for their specific goals. With consistent communication, accurate information, and access to the very best resources, our commitment to service is unmatched.

If you’ve been dreaming of owning your own yacht, but have questions about the commissioning process, contact the experts at Atlantic Cruising Yachts. From commissioning to financing and more, we deliver unparalleled service with a team that is there for you before, during, and long after your purchase.