Catamarans–timing is everything…


Catamarans TimeLineWant a Catamaran in the next year or so?… Now’s the time to take a serious look at the possibilities. Lower prices, and earlier delivery slots available now. Don’t jump to late, or you may miss your opportunity.

Recently, Chris Bent, the President of Atlantic Cruising Yachts returned from France where we reserved some lower priced delivery slots. As the number one dealer world wide yet again this year, and because of the world wide situation, we can now offer even better prices for these limited number of production slots than were offered with our best price guarantee just last month. We always offer a best price, best service guarantee and can provide a boat with a guaranteed dollar price, or in Euros.

Make a plan–get your boat when you want–at the right price

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The Time line…

Use the time line diagram to help understand.

If there were a boat coming out the door at the factory today, it would take approximately 10-12 weeks (5,6,7-right) to go from there to being ready for you to go cruising. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple–there are people with orders in front of you–many people, in some cases.

If you take what you need to accomplish from beginning to end, what lengthens the line is the number of boats of each model that Fountaine Pajot can build, and how many people are ahead of you. Having said this, because we are the world’s largest dealer we are privy to information on our own and other boat orders that occasionally get moved around. People decide to take a later boat because their house didn’t sell. Because of illness. Because their work situation changed. For whatever reason, slots open up. As an example, as I write this in mid November of 2015 here’s the  X-factory (out the door) situation (Remember, you need to add 10-12 weeks to this time):

Catamarans TimeLine 2
  • Lead times are a moving target. Often your dream is a year away from the first gleam in your eye–but there’s lots to accomplish while planning…


It’s important to know that catamarans are generally custom ordered, and not in stock.

If the order time is, as is normal, 7-9 months out–when we give you the actual time line (ask us) this is the date the boat will be X-factory. i.e. completed, tank tested and out the door at the factory. The factory is inland, some 20 + miles from the launch marina. The boat is then put on a special hydraulic truck where it is stood up on end, angled, or laid flat as it negotiates the streets heading for LaRochelle harbor. At the harbor, our commissioning agent receives the boat and adds any special equipment and checks the boat and inventory. It is then launched, mast and rigging adjusted, and it is made ready for the delivery crew.. All of this takes about 2-3 weeks.  They board the boat, provision it for the crossing and make the 30 day or so trip. On arrival at Annapolis (our main commissioning base) or any of our other base locations from the East Coast or in the Caribbean, we receive it, check it, and add the special or custom equipment specified–this normally takes another 4-6 weeks.

Bottom line, from the x-factory date, and considering weather and other contingencies, you should allow 10-12 weeks so an order today, may mean turn over to you in about 10-12 weeks. So plan accordingly.

Having said all of this, from time to time we have someone move a delivery slot to another time, or Fountaine Pajot builds a boat show demo–so call us concerning your plans and what delivery options may be available at any time.



Getting the boat sooner, doesn’t matter if it’s not the right boat, and not set up especially for you. When you choose up, not only do you get a best price, best service guarantee, but you get the advantage of 44 years of experience, and the best resources in the world. (That’s why we’re #1 in the world.) We just don’t just check off the boxes on a manufacturers check sheet. We put together packages that save you money. We bring in more choices and more equipment than the manufacturers offered. Better installations. Better advice. Just to get an idea of our suggestions for: Instruments. Generators. Biminis and enclosures. Props. And much more–Equipment considerations:. Check out this link.

Whether for private purchase or placement in our popular Business Yacht Ownership® plan–now we can get you a brand new catamaran with full two year warranty for about the price of a late model used boat. One that can earn you tax advantages and income this year.

All of the most popular Fountaine Pajot models can be reviewed on-line or at most at our base in Annapolis. they are available for inspection, charter, ASA sailing courses or to Try-Before-You-Buy at most of our affiliate charter bases. Call us to get the full story. 410-263-2311  See the boats here.

Map-All-affiliates - Catamarans

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When you set your boat up as a business, you qualify for huge tax advantages four streams of income. At the end of the day, you can cover 100% of your costs–easily, with us as a partner. then, whenever you like, convert the boat to private ownership with substantial equity, or even have it paid off–using tax advantages and other peoples money. You owe it to yourself to find out more.

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Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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