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What Size are the MY 40 and MY 44 Really?

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Did you hear? There’s a new MY 45 and MY 50…    

Yacht Spotlight: The Efficient and Spacious Fountaine Pajot MY 44While Fountaine Pajot called the 50′, an MY 44, and similarly the 45′ an MY 40, most manufacturers would give their lengths expressed as their Length Overall (LOA) as 50′ and 45′ respectively. When comparing these models to other boats, the 44 (50′ LOA) has the volume of a 50′ catamaran and at least a 10’ longer monohull.

This means that the MY 44’s volume should be compared with other 50’ catamarans and the MY 44 compares to 60′ + monohulls.

Likewise, the MY 40’s volume should be compared with other 45′ catamarans and 55′ monohulls.

By that comparison, the price is quite comparable, but the advantages, remarkable— the following contains detailed, independent reviews, engine performance information, comparisons with other manufacturers and more.

Discussion and Review

Below is a comprehensive report from an independent reviewer,, with engine performance specs taken from actual tests for the first time on the new MY 40. 

Captain Mike from states that the 40The Motor of a yacht‘ and 44′ should be compared to 45′ and 50′ powered catamarans and that the important differences extend well beyond that.

In addition to volume and length considerations, there’s better fuel efficiency for a boat designed from the ground up to be a planning motor yacht, as well as a better fit and finish, and giant walk-in engine rooms (right).

At a comfortable cruising speed in the 8-10K range, they both get around 1 mile per gallon while at Trawler speeds, they easily have a 1,000-2,100 mile range (respectively for the 40′ and 44’). Cruise to the Bahamas, vacation, and get back on one tank of fuel. Need to beat the weather? They can do up to 20-25K depending on the model and loading.

Check out the links below, and reach out to me for pricing and availability of this, or the MY44 sister ship with the same attributes and more:


Note, the performance figures in Captain Mike’s review aren’t from the manufacturer’s marketing department— they’re real numbers based on actual sea trials. If you’re skeptical about other manufacturers’ numbers, you should be! I urge you to look for reviews that Mike and his associates have done so you can truly compare apples to apples.

When comparing boats, consider the fit and finish, performance and fuel economy due to her motor yacht planning hulls— designed from the ground up to be a motor yacht with as good or better range when compared to a Trawler, but with the speed of a motor yacht and the stability and comfort of a catamaran. 

The 44, for instance, has a range at Trawler speeds of about 2,100 miles. Great for Great Circle cruising (and meets all of the height, width, and depth criteria) or for traveling the Intracoastal waterway from New York to Miami on one tank of fuel. Florida to the Bahamas, cruise, and get back on one tank. You get the idea. The best long-range cruiser out there, but with “get out of harm’s way” performance of 20+ knots. There just aren’t any other apples out there— only lemons. 

True motor yacht design criteria with Volvo IPS efficiencies, and Joystick control, make FP motor yachts a joy to handle in any seas or for docking. There is an excellent view of both transoms for docking from the flybridge or inside steering station. It also has a modern interior, electrical panels at base of stairs to owner cabin, great access, very large engine room space, IPS drive, easier to dock, more efficient handling, less vibration, huge flybridge area, large, bright, open main saloon, and 3.5′-4.3′ draft. The list goes on and on— there truly is no second when it comes to these catamarans, they are true motor yachts. 

In conclusion, just make sure you’re comparing apples to apples when you compare these motor yachts to lesser powered catamarans.


Are you comparing Apples to Apples?

The more you learn, the more you’ll appreciate FP’s serious, dedicated approach to bringing you a true motor yacht!

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