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Catamarans cost less than monohulls! Really?

I just had an inquiry for pricing information for a customer deciding between a catamaran or monohull (A Fountaine Pajot 40 to a Jeanneau 47  to be exact.)

Interesting that my customer,  “ML” chose these two models, because I’ve done a rough calculation and determined that, in fact, catamarans cost more than monohulls–per foot! No! Not a revelation you say, but I also found that looking at the same data a different way, that the price came out about the same–when you compared usable space. Cost per Cubic Foot, in other words.

So what the heck am I talking about? Well here’s two sets of data. When we look at per foot costs, the catamaran definitely costs more, however when I did a calculation to figure the comparable cubic feet (the volume, if you will) I found that the costs were very similar…

So when we look at cost per foot, Cats cost more, but when we look at costs per cubic foot, the costs are surprisingly similar. Generally in the mid to high 40′ sizes, you have to go to a 7-10′ larger monohull to get similar interior and cockpit space.

Keep in mind that the catamarans in addition to having lots more surface area (more fiberglass, resin, etc.) also have redundant systems–especially, two engines and supporting systems, etc.

So, just one small glimpse of a realistic appraisal of the choices. Of course there’s much more to consider and you’ll find lots more information on our site and in our blogs. For a detailed look at the pricing and some of the other comparisons. Get in touch.


Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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