Buying A Used Boat 101 (1/2)

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I meant for this to be pretty basic. But things got away from me a little and I went a little further into detail. If you have never considered buying a used boat, or never bought Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 - buying a used boata used boat–this article may be for you. If you bought a used boat a while ago, and didn’t have a great experience, or you’ve forgotten what it was like, and now you want a different boat–this may be for you.

Here’s the scoop on what to never do. What to do for sure. What to expect when you put your offer together.

Here’s how to plan for expenses. Choosing a surveyor. Strategies to get the best price, even how to take the stress out of the process. (Isn’t it always better when you know in advance what to expect?) We even compare, honestly, a new boat to a used boat purchase…


We Would Be Honored to Be Your Buyer’s Broker…

Map-Sales-Comm - buying a used boatA better informed client, often becomes our new friend.  We look forward to meeting you and discussing your plans and becoming your “Buyer’s Broker”.

We have affiliates in all of the most popular East Coast and Caribbean sailing areas. We offer full support and services throughout the Atlantic basin. We’ll help with, negotiating a good deal, X-Charter boats and “Gray market” boats, financing, insurance, documenting, finding a slip, repairing or upgrading services and finding the best surveyor for the type of boat of interest. Download our forms and paperwork above..


If you’re looking at a brokerage boat in order to reduce your cost of ownership, you might also like to look at our Business Yacht Ownership® program which also reduces your costs–sometimes to $0 cash flow. Find out more hereJoin us for a webinar on this program here.

Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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