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Hundreds of Successful Business Yacht Ownership® Clients

With innovative approaches like Business Yacht Ownership®, Atlantic Cruising Yachts has helped hundreds of clients attain their dreams of yacht ownership earlier and easier than they ever thought possible. Whatever your unique needs may be, we can find the perfect path to ownership, to make the vision a reality. Read for yourself how our ownership programs have worked for hundreds of clients just like you.

We really appreciate everything you are all doing. I want to start by saying this whole process is a new experience for us and we really have to defer to the expertise of ACY to make sure we have everything we need. Ken, we really appreciate all of the phone calls and updates from you. You were spot on with the time frame for the MMSI. Lauren does such a good job with all of the paperwork. She made applying for the MMSI # about as easy as it could be. Will was doing such an awesome job setting up and explaining things on the boat while we were in Florida. He is incredibly friendly, hardworking, and helpful. Thank you to David for all of your expertise, extra help, and for selling us such an incredible boat. We are thankful for all of the time and work Paul has spent on our boat and he definitely gets an extra thank you for going out of his way to make sure that our packages were accounted for.

We are very excited to see all the progress and start our adventures. I want to express my appreciation for all you have done as well as all of the other people behind the scenes.

Ryan K.

I met Atlantic Cruising Yachts at the Miami Boat Show while taking a look at the Fountaine Pajot range of boats. I was impressed by the quality and beauty of the FP sailing catamarans and so I wanted to inquire about the boats. This is when I had the privilege of meeting Eric Smith from Atlantic Cruising Yachts. After talking about the features of the specific boat I was interested in, the Astréa 42, we started talking about a very smart option to own a boat for less: ACY’s “Business Yacht Ownership® program. Talking with Eric about this program, I realized that he and his team not only have extensive hands-on experience and knowledge about everything related to the Fountaine Pajot boats but also tremendous know-how on the various ways available to purchase a boat in the most flexible manner possible. As part of the conversation I also learned that they have weekly online seminars where all the details of the program are explained.

Also, ACY and their team has been there for me through the sometimes challenging process of choosing options. Choosing options on a 42 catamaran is not necessarily the easiest thing, as there are so many potential questions. ACY, specifically Eric, Lauren and Ken have helped me think about the pros and cons of each option and have helped me decide. My boat is on order and I am confident that once it arrives from France, the commissioning and the continuing ownership of the boat will be a pleasure. I look forward to continuing to have the pleasure of having ACY as my ongoing consultant and support team. Thank you ACY.

David R.

I wanted to send a note thanking you guys for the great job you did in helping me with the yacht purchasing processes. Your knowledge and intimate understanding of the sailboats, equipment, outing, financing, and insurance options made the process much less intimidating to me. In fact, I would have to say it was actually fun. Not something I have ever said about any other large purchase I have been through. So thanks again, you have a great team there at ACY.

G. Riedy

I am very pleased with the Business Yacht Ownership® Program. At first, I was very skeptical since it sounded “too good to be true.” So, I engaged my accountant to fully review this program and was very pleased to find that it was based on sound accounting principles. I have used this program and am pleased to say that my tax refund in my first year has allowed me to pay for 2.6 years of financing and operating costs. This has allowed me to purchase my yacht years earlier than I expected. Also, by combining this program with using the yacht in chartering, I am generating enough income to make double my monthly finance payments and thus will own the yacht free and clear when I am ready to exit the charter fleet. I am very pleased with this program and would recommend it to all that it makes sense for.

A. J., Centreville, VA

I wanted to let you know how pleased and excited we are with the purchase of our 40 foot Summerland Fountaine Pajot cruiser named WINE KNOT… last spring we relocated the boat to Marsh Harbor and placed it in Cruise Abaco fleet owned and operated by Mark and Patti Gonsalves. We had chartered from Mark and Patti the past few years and Mark suggested that we talk so I could better understand the business opportunities with Owning and Chartering a boat. Well after our first year I am very pleased and excited with the results. It is turning into a very nice cash flowing business that allows us to enjoy the boat as well. Thanks for the education and making the purchase of an FP painless and enjoyable. Happy Cruising!

F. Kirley