The Smartest Way to Own Your Yacht

Learn how it is possible to offset a substantial portion of new yacht costs with business income, special financing options, and potential tax advantages*. Atlantic Cruising Yachts has assisted hundreds of successful boat owners in setting up their own yacht charter businesses. Choose your boat, choose where to keep it, and let us help you achieve a better ownership solution.

Like many other businesses, certain for-profit yacht charter businesses may qualify for business deductions including depreciation, dockage, maintenance, and other related expenses for a yacht. We have resources available to assist, including financing and insurance experts, yacht management companies, and independent tax advisors, to help you understand and execute the most prudent path to ownership. We offer boat buying information, management information, and we can refer independent tax advisors who can help you understand and support this approach.

Benefits of Business Yacht Ownership®

  • Our experts, together with your personal tax advisor, will put your business on the right track helping you with the guidelines that work with the Coast Guard, banks, insurance companies, and yacht management companies.
  • We work with you to carefully plan, document, and implement your yacht purchase project, assisting you every step of the way.
  • Maximum flexibility for the yacht owner. Have your boat, your way, when you want it. Keep it where you want, and change your mind easily.

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Reduce the Cost of Ownership

Choose your boat, choose where you would like to keep it and set it up as a for-profit business where income and potential tax advantages can help offset costs of traditional ownership. You choose a boat set up the way a private boat is configured. Expressly set up for you. Choose your location, and how much you want to use it. You can even follow the sun, move your boat seasonally from one location to another. We believe this approach is the least expensive way to own a new yacht.

We have seen a number of charter companies attempting to offer what appears on the surface to be a similar approach. The difference is, our program is not a “Charter Company” program. We offer an alternative that works better for the private yacht owner, designed and tested by the experiences of hundreds of our past clients and their professional advisors. With over 1,000 clients who have set up in their own successful boat business, our approach has always been offered to provide independent resources to support an individual owner’s goals, not as a program to fill a charter fleet.

Business Yacht Ownership by Atlantic Cruising Yachts

Your Yacht, Your Way, with Flexible Owner Use.

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Waypoints® Yacht Charters works in conjunction with Business Yacht Ownership®, offering owners the flexibility to keep their yacht in any of our multiple charter locations with the ability to offset a substantial portion of new yacht costs with income, special financing, and potential tax advantages.

No matter which location you choose, you can expect the same top-notch professional maintenance and service that you’ve come to expect from Atlantic Cruising Yachts.

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Dear Atlantic Cruising – We want to let Atlantic Cruising know that Valerie has been one of the kindest and best yacht brokers I have ever used. She has been exceptional, trusting, and very helpful. She is also most importantly a straight shooter and a deal closer, so we were in excellent choose. Can’t stop saying amazing things about her professionalism and she is very prompt to responding and assisting. I rate her an 11 out of 10. Thank you.

Daniel H., CPA, CA

Two months ago, we arrived in La Rochelle and were met at the rental car agency by Baptiste. He had been in contact several weeks before to update us on the progress of the boat. Upon arriving in La Rochelle, Baptiste immediately took us down to meet our new boat and spent the day with us showing and explaining the systems from bow to stern. During the following weeks, if we had a question Baptiste was quick to respond with an answer and if he was unsure, he would work diligently to get an answer or resolve an issue promptly. Baptiste is a true professional in every sense of the word and he had the ability to make us feel as if we were his only client while dealing with other boats and owners. He adapted to both of our personalities and made us feel right at home in La Rochelle. He recommended restaurants we shouldn’t miss, places to visit, and helped us when searching for odds and ends for the boat. Our experience felt more like a concierge service rather than a boat handover. If you can bottle up the experience we had with Baptiste from start to finish you will have many happy boat owners.

Clive & Jennifer

Just wanted to drop you quick email and tell you what an excellent job Jevon did today while servicing and helping me out with a couple of issues on the boat today. Not only did he fix the issues but he went beyond to make sure I understood what he did and gave me the confidence I could do it myself next time. Great service team!

Todd C.
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