Orientation and Training Curriculum

This document outlines the new broker orientation and training materials available to review and understand as you join the Company. This is not meant to be an all-inclusive document, but rather a reference point for presenting policies, processes and procedures involved with becoming an ACY broker.The document refers to various written policies and links to video training materials regarding some of the Company’s software and systems. The National Sales Manager is available to offer guidance, explanations and personal training in a one on one environment.

Please review the attached documents or links as an introduction to ACY policies and procedures. These documents can be found on the Company’s document storage system accessed via the broker login page. The documents are as follows:

Brokers Duties and Responsibilities – located on broker login pageLead Handling Policy 10102019 – located on broker login page

  • ACY Broker Commission Split Agreement
  • ACY Digital and Social Media Policy – located on broker login page
  • Brokerage Policy dated 06 01 2018
  • Brokerage Commission Addendum

Boat Shows:

Boat shows provide a unique opportunity for ACY sales team to engage directly with new and existing prospects. This is our most important opportunity to build relationships, it’s more important than our daily email or telephone solicitations.

Documents available for support/guidance:

  • Boat Show Policy contained in Lead handling policies on the broker login page
  • ACY FP Model Cheat Sheet – for reference only. Published prior to each boat show
  • ACY Jeanneau Model Cheat Sheet – for reference only. Published prior to each boat show
  • 2018 ABS Broker Schedule – for reference only. Published prior to each boat show
  • Refundable Hull Reservation – Included below also as part of the sales process

Sales Process:

The ACY sales process is a refined approach developed with the assistance of Bill Lahr, an independent financial planner and business coach.  We discuss our methods in various policy documents that are described above. Central to this is our proprietary Buying Pipeline and the pre-contract stages of Lead Receipt, Lead Qualification, Needs Analysis, Persuasive Positioning and Commitment.  The National Sales Manager will review this with you upon joining the Company.

Documents and systems available for support/guidance:

Atlantic Cruising Yachts website: atlantic-cruising.com – Topics:

  • General website
  • Contains numerous links to drive prospects to Zoho
  • Detailed information for customer’s to learn about ACY
  • Broker Login page designed to facilitate information flow and knowledge
  • GoTo Webinar sign up page
  • Commissioning page

Buying Pipeline – Document located on the data drive

Zoho system review via video training located on the broker login page. Topics:

  • Lead allocation method – National Sales Manager discussion
  • Campaigning the database – National Sales Manager discussion
  • Template design/use – National Sales Manager discussion
  • Prospect vs. Contact/Deal vs. Contract Account – National Sales Manager discussion
  • Deal stage flow from Stage 0 to Stage 8 – National Sales Manager discussion

iQuote system review via video training located on broker login page. Topics:

  • Integration into/from Zoho
  • Sample ACY package boat
  • Stock ACY boat
  • Quote vs. general information

ACY Contract Special Clauses – See iQuote

Equity Advance Agreement – Used to facilitate transactions involving brokerage trade

Master Business Plan Builder 2019 – Spreadsheet used to built customer business plans

Hull Reservation use at boat shows – National Sales Manager discussion

GoTo Webinar link and participation in weekly webinar’s – Bill Lahr’s weekly seminar