Primary Responsibilities of the Sales Consultant

The primary responsibilities of the Sales Consultant are to convert contacts into clients by soliciting lists of contacts, qualify contacts as prospects, negotiate and close purchase contracts, and provide after sales follow up to their clients.  These four areas or phases are more fully described below:

  1. Prospecting and Solicitation.  All prospecting and solicitation efforts, including cold calls, follow-up calls, boat shows, email solicitations and follow up, etc.  Promote and explain the company’s products and services, determine interest levels, identify potentially qualified contacts (interest level, willingness and ability to buy), and move them to the Qualification phase.
  2. Qualification.  Obtain a finance application and/or a hull reservation with refundable deposit, in order to qualify a contact as a prospect and move to the Negotiation and Close stage.  Manage finance approval working between the prospect, ACY Business Manager, and lenders to obtain necessary information for approvals.
  3. Negotiation and Close.  Negotiate contract terms, ensure accuracy of prices and margins by referencing current manufacturer prices against quotes built in Yachtspec.  Build, review, and confirm business plans, assist client with successful completion of due diligence. Use contingent agreement and refundable deposit as a closing tool to obtain a final firm commitment with non-refundable contract and deposit.  This is the “heavy lifting” phase where the Sales Consultant earns the majority of their commission. The contact has now been successfully converted to a “Client”.
  4. Service.  Sales Consultants stay connected to their clients regularly through build, commissioning and handover processes.  Follow-up regularly (at least every three months) with a personal phone call, stay involved and help ensure their satisfaction for a minimum of 1 year.

It is the Sales Consultant’s job and responsibility to successfully perform each phase of activity.  ACY personnel are here to help and provide support, but the duties and responsibilities of each phase of the sales process belong to the Sales Consultant.

Other Responsibilities and Requirements

  1. Work diligently and with his or her best efforts to list, and/or sell any and all yachts or boats represented or listed by/with the Company.  If the parties enter into an addendum agreement to charter, time-share or lease “Yachts” in the future, then this clause relates to that activity as well. In this regard, Sales Consultant shall work to meet sales goals established by the Company.
  2. Regularly maintain and update records of all contacts, calls, and other activities in the Company’s Contact Resource Management (CRM) system, and abide by the Lead Handling Procedures set forth by the Company.
  3. Consult with the Company to obtain guidance if Sales Consultant is unsure of what actions should be taken in dealing with any business situation where a problem is foreseeable or where the Sales Consultant is in need of guidance.  Sales Consultant will adhere to all company policies and dress codes.
  4. Any yacht and boat sales or brokerage or trade-in boat of the Sales Consultant shall only be conducted through the offices of and in the name of the Company; the aforementioned requirement shall also apply to any purchases or sales made by Sales Consultant for his or her own account. All yacht or boat listings shall be filed with the Company according to established procedures, within twelve (12) hours of the receipt of the same by the Sales Consultant.
  5. Sales Consultant is responsible to provide a laptop computer.  The Company will provide expertise to set the computer up to interface with the server and company programs. Sales Consultant shall pay for his or her own business cards which shall adhere to company format. Company shall provide in-office phone and mail service, and internet connection. Any other costs associated with performing the functions herein described, including costs of travel, hotels and the like, while participating in boat shows or related to selling a boat, shall be borne by the Sales Consultant.
  6. While ACY staff or other associates may be involved in attending to matters and policies concerning an individual sale, it is the Sales Consultant’s responsibility to act as the manager for the particular sale and to make sure that all of the policies and procedures are followed and that everything is done, including fulfilling any required provisions, or revisions of the agreement. It is the Sales Consultants responsibility to oversee that all issues concerning any particular sales agreement are handled completely, or he may forfeit any or all of his proportional commission for that sale.
  7. Current Manufacturer and Vendor Pricing is available either in the ACY pricing database or on the respective manufacturer’s dealer sites and ACY makes best efforts to keep updated pricing information in the ACY pricing database and available for Sales Consultant’s use.  However, Sales Consultant should always double check pricing and promotion information against current documentation and information provided by manufacturers and vendors, prior to finalizing any contract.

Deposits and Agreements

  1. The initial deposit on a new vessel is a minimum of 10%, unless otherwise authorized such as refundable hull reservation deposits at boat shows, system-generated agreements with no modifications other than pre-approved clauses.
  2. Any purchase agreement must be reviewed and approved in writing by an officer of the Company prior to submission to the client.
  3. If a Purchase agreement is submitted to a client with a change or addendum that is not previously approved, the commission may be reduced at the sole discretion of the Company. It is understood that once a Sales Consultant makes an offer to a client, the client may assume that the offer is made from an agent of the Company and therefore may reasonably assume that the offer is a binding offer of the Company. In the event that the commission is reduced for cause, the Company may assign another Sales Consultant or agent to complete the transaction with no further participation by the original Sales Consultant.

Minimum Sales Standards and Goals

The Minimum Sales Goal totals referenced herein are based on a running year gross profit total as calculated by the Company’s Zoho database reports.  These Minimum Sales Standards may be adjusted from time to time:

  • Minimum, annual gross sales (total retail contract price) to result in $,1,500,000 per quarter;
  • Minimum gross profit of $225,000 per quarter.