ACY Lead Handling Policies

As of January 1, 2019

Lead Ownership

All leads generated by the actions of ACY and/or the Yacht Consultants under contract are the exclusive property of ACY.

Floor Time Yacht Consultant (“FT Yacht Consultant”)

  1.     A master Floor Time schedule is maintained by the Sales Director. Floor Time days are rotated, and best efforts are made to evenly distribute each day of the week to every Yacht Consultant in the Floor Time rotation.
  2.     Floor Time Yacht Consultant is primary Yacht Consultant for the day and due in the office 15 minutes before opening time and responsible for answering the inbound sales call line and responding to emails sent to Sales Group, and and such other email addresses as may be established for directing leads to to the sales group.
  3.     All Floor Time Leads, defined as incoming leads by telephone, referrals to management, direct email to the sales group, or walk-in shall be directed to the Floor Time Yacht Consultant, and if not assigned to another Yacht Consultant and Active (as hereinafter defined) then the Floor Time Yacht Consultant may work the lead.
  4.     All Round Robin Leads, defined as electronic leads including but not limited to Jeanneau and Fountaine-Pajot, shall be entered into the appropriate Zoho form by the Floor Time Yacht Consultant. During boat shows these electronics leads will be distributed round robin by management no earlier than two days after the show.
  5.     If Floor Time Yacht Consultant can’t cover his or her floor time duty due to illness, travel, vacation, etc., they are responsible to get a substitute, and have the change noted on the master schedule. This is a voluntary schedule meant to enhance the Yacht Consultants opportunities. If the Yacht Consultant does not honor his scheduling commitments, ACY may alter his participation in future scheduling.

 Checking Lead Ownership for Floor Time Leads

  1.     ACTIVE lead, defined.  When dealing with a new inquiry, always check the record in ZOHO first to determine lead ownership and whether a lead is ACTIVE with another Yacht Consultant.  “ACTIVE” means the lead has been entered into the Zoho system with a valid email address and has been validly updated within the last 9 months (270 days). A valid update consists of a meaningful email exchange (correspondence to and from the client), a meeting, or a telephone exchange documented by notes or call logs in the Zoho database. In addition, the “BRK Last Modified Date” field must have been updated by Zoho within the last 270 days.
  2.     Procedure for New Inquiries:
    1. Check Zoho for name and email address.
    2.  If client is ACTIVE, transfer the call to that Yacht Consultant. If assigned Yacht Consultant is not available, handle basic questions, take notes and enter them into the NOTES section of Zoho.  Email a notification to the Yacht Consultant of record.
    3. If client is not ACTIVE, FT Yacht Consultant should handle the lead, make a note in the NOTES Section (including details of last update) and request reassignment of the lead.
    4.  If client is not ACTIVE, FT Yacht Consultant must contact the lead, make a note in the NOTES Section (including details of last update) by noon the day following the leads inquiry, or the lead is available to all FT Yacht Consultants for reassignment.

 Procedure for Round Robin Leads.

  1.     Monitor emails for incoming electronic lead.
  2.     Obtain appropriate information and input into Zoho form.
  3.     Reasonable attempt should be made to input these electronic leads as soon as possible to allow assigned Yacht Consultant ability to follow up appropriately.

 General Guidelines for Lead Handling.

In general, the reference of leads belonging to a Yacht Consultant does not imply actual ownership of the lead but rather that it is the Yacht Consultants responsibility to work that lead to the best of his ability for the time that it is assigned (or “belongs”) to him or her.

  1.     All leads generated by a Yacht Consultant on his own, through his own individual efforts are assigned to him in the above sense.
  2.     Leads generated by ACY’s advertising, boat shows, walk-ins etc. are assigned to Yacht Consultants in the office based on a floor time schedule posted in the office.
  3.     Special Rules and Exceptions to Lead Assignment apply to periods during boat shows, which shall be at the sole discretion of ACY management.
  4.     The general tracking of all leads shall be done exclusively via the ZOHO customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  5.     Each Yacht Consultant is allowed up to ten leads coded “10 – PROTECTED” which he may keep for more than 270 days. These must be identified as such with the code “10 – PROTECTED”.
  6.     A lead shall remain assigned to a Yacht Consultant for as long as he/she maintains the lead as ACTIVE as defined above.
  7.     Potential Computer Problems and their Resolution. If a duplicate ACTIVE records exists because of misspelled names, the general policy is that the Yacht Consultant who has the earliest creation date and the most documented interaction shall retain the lead.
  8.     Claiming that an active lead of another Yacht Consultant has had communication with a broker at any brokerage firm outside of ACY does not give you the right to have a lead re-assigned to you. ACY is the official dealer of Fountaine-Pajot and Jeanneau.

Boat Show Guidelines.

Boat shows provide a unique opportunity for ACY sales team to engage directly with new and existing prospects. This is our most important opportunity to build relationships, it’s more important than email or telephone solicitations.

  1.     Build dialogue and relationships with provocative questions… who? what?  when? where? how?
    1. –  Who are the decision makers or people impacting the decision?
    2. –  What is their vision for a boat?
    3. –  When do they want to achieve their vision? When will they need to act to accomplish the vision?
    4. –  Where would they like to use the boat? Where could they use the boat to accomplish their vision?
    5. – How will they execute their vision? How will they proceed to a next action?
  2.     Boat Show environment. It is essential that the ACY sales team balances the need for individual lead collection with the need for a positive, productive, mutually supportive environment.
  3.  Never interrupt or intrude on dialogue between another Yacht Consultant and a client.
  4. Honor schedule assignments and do not intrude in another Yacht Consultant’s assigned space. If you must leave your assigned space to accompany a hot client, notify the other Yacht Consultant and be discreet and respectful.
  5. No indiscriminate lead tagging, you are there to engage with clients, not to grab leads. Entering a lead first into Zoho does not make them your lead. Engagement is what matters. Yacht Consultant assistants provide valuable support but are not there to shadow other Yacht Consultants to make Zoho updates for lead tagging purposes. Yacht Consultant assistants must be approved by the sales manager before working on any ACY boat show display.  They should be on the float, not on the boats and especially not on boats during time scheduled for another Yacht Consultant.
  6. Treat other Yacht Consultants as you would like them to treat you. All members of the ACY sales team are here because they are talented and dedicated, all must be treated with courtesy and respect regardless of any personal feelings. This is an ACY boat show, there is no place for personal animosity toward any member of the ACY team at a boat show.
  7.  Before a boat show starts you may designate the rating of 10 clients as “BOAT SHOW”. In addition, you must email a list of your top 10 show prospects to the sales group and these leads are considered your “hands off” list for the boat show. These are your leads. For other show prospects, we will ask at the registration desk if they are working with a specific Yacht Consultant, and if so, they will be sent to that Yacht Consultant. Those that do not are considered open leads at a boat show, and if necessary, management will make determinations of appropriate splits, etc. if another Yacht Consultant has had recent direct dialogue (pricing/contract exchanged, business plan sent, recent, detailed notes of phone conversations, etc.) Remember, normal rules of lead ownership do not apply at boat shows! It’s all about engaging and provoking dialogue and these are special opportunities that we want to encourage, not discourage.
  8. When engaging a customer at a show find out early on if they are already working with an ACY Yacht Consultant. If they are then politely guide them to that Yacht Consultant. It is not acceptable to say that we all work together, and they can buy from you because we work as a team. This is manipulative behavior and is considered stealing a lead.
  9. During a boat show if a Yacht Consultant meets a client, develops a relationship and consequently at the show obtains a hull reservation or contract AND the client is ACTIVE with another Yacht Consultant (see 3a above), then both Yacht Consultants will enter into a split agreement whereby the commission on the sale will be shared equally between the Yacht Consultants.

Disputes Over Lead Ownership

In the case of dispute, it is assumed that the Yacht Consultants involved will agree on who will handle the lead based primarily on the following:

  1.     Which Yacht Consultant has had the most input. highest level of notes and documented interaction?
  2.     Which Yacht Consultant has the most rapport? Who does the client ask for when they call?
  3.     The policy of fairness and cooperation shall apply. A recognition that all Yacht Consultants shall always give every client the overall impression that any Yacht Consultant at ACY that encounter him will lend support and provide a unified and supportive role in the overall goal of client satisfaction.
  4.     The most important guideline for disputes is to not make the client feel uncomfortable. If management becomes aware that any Yacht Consultant is impacting a client negatively, he shall immediately lose all rights to that client and be subject to further disciplinary action. This would include sending a contract to a lead belonging to another Yacht Consultant. Second, it is the duty of the Yacht Consultant to try to work out an amicable solution upon becoming aware of a conflict.
  5.     If two or more Yacht Consultants cannot reach amicable agreement regarding a client, then each shall submit their case to management and management will make a final decision at its sole discretion. While the policies and rules outlined previously are in effect governing the distribution of leads and the responsibilities of the Yacht Consultant’s to work with the assigned clients, ACY shall have the ultimate and sole authority to determine which Yacht Consultant shall work or continue to work a lead.
  6.     After management has decided on lead ownership, if the Yacht Consultant not assigned to the customer continues pursuing the customer that is not assigned to him this will be deemed making the customer uncomfortable in his dealings with ACY and will not be tolerated.
  7.     Under extraordinary circumstances, ACY may assign a lead to a different Yacht Consultant than the one previously assigned. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Lead or Prospective Client does not get along with the assigned Yacht Consultant.
    2. Another Yacht Consultant has developed a better rapport with the client while the original associate was away or in some way not responding to the client.
    3. Another Yacht Consultant has knowledge or expertise that is appropriate to take advantage of.
    4. A Yacht Consultant, in the opinion of management, is not achieving adequate sales results.
    5. A Yacht Consultant is on formal probation for whatever reason.
    6. Management has been made aware that Yacht Consultant is not adequately following up on a lead, or in general based on first-hand knowledge, or review of Yacht Consultants reports.
    7. In many of these cases, it is assumed and hoped that the Yacht Consultants involved will voluntarily cooperate with these guidelines, However, the ultimate authority for lead assignment rests with management.

Violations of Policy

Willful violations of these policies and procedures, including willful manipulation of client records in ZOHO or elsewhere, with the intent of taking a lead which was not assigned, will be severely dealt with.  Any Yacht Consultant found to have manipulated client records may be suspended or terminated at the discretion of ACY management. Ignorance or claiming ignorance to the rules does not gain any favor in the application of the rules. We are a team of highly trained professionals, if you don’t understand these rules and guidelines, then it is your responsibility to seek additional training.