Digital & Social Media Policy

Purpose & Overview

The purpose of this Digital & Social Media Policy is to help ACY’s representatives make responsible decisions about the use of social media, including blogging, posting to other websites, and content creation. This policy ensures that all digital marketing efforts are aligned with the brand image of ACY, and work together towards the same goals. Presenting a unified image online will not only make ACY a stronger brand, but consolidate traffic, leading to better results for everyone involved.  The policy applies to all company personnel, including employees, temporary workers, contractors, and authorized representatives.

Digital & Social Media Use

  1. ACY will be represented on digital and social media by a single main account for each platform operated and maintained by ACY. Company personnel may not operate separate digital or social media accounts under the ACY name. This does not apply to charter locations.
  2. Company personnel are free to operate personal accounts, share ACY content, and associate themselves with ACY, but all posts must clearly be branded as personal. ACY should not be held liable for any repercussions the employees’ content may generate.
  3. Any content such as blog posts, videos, or email campaigns, that uses the ACY brand must first go through the established approval process outlined below.
    • Blog Posts – Blog posts may be provided to ACY as text documents for review, or posted as Pending Posts on the WordPress site for review. ACY will review and edit the blog post before publishing. The author will be given credit and links to the author’s contact page will be included.
    • Email Campaigns
      • ACY will prepare one email campaign per month on behalf of each member of our sales team, which will be sent to the team member’s contacts in the database. The email campaign will consist of a featured blog post or letter provided by the team member, and up to 2 featured boats to highlight. Team members must provide the information for the featured blog post or letter by the 15th of the previous month.
      • ACY Sales Consultants may send marketing emails (emails of general content sent to more than one prospect), provided such emails are first submitted to the National Sales Director and Millennium Marketing for editing and content approval.  Marketing emails sent by ACY Sales Consultants must use approved email templates.
    • Videos – Videos should be discussed with ACY before production begins if you wish to feature the ACY brand. Do not create video content featuring the ACY brand without prior approval.
  4. Unacceptable Uses
    • Content pertaining to sensitive company information, pricing, or customer information should not be shared to the outside online community.
    • Proper copyright and reference laws should be observed when posting online.