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(Fountaine Pajot & Jeanneaus on display)

This gal (right) is all fitted out to attend the show. However she’s got one thing wrong. Can you tell me what it is–before you read on?

Thinking seriously about a boat within the next year or so? Want prices, special deals and more.

Put Your boat show survival gear package together in advance…

  1. A carry bag. Can be a small shoulder bag –but no backpacks. They get in your way and scratch surfaces below. If you leave them outside they might be stolen. Everything described here should fit in your carry or sling bag, plus brochures you pick up.

  2. What’s wrong with this picture? She should have easy, slip-off shoes. No ties–way too difficult, and you will need to take them off often. (Not on our boats, but others.)


Boat show survival gear!

  1. Non-skid socks. This is the secret weapon – hospital socks with non-skid bottoms for when you take your shoes off. Sears has them. (Sometimes called: Yoga socks, or non-skid socks).

  2. Suntan lotionBeat the crowds - Boat Show

  3. Sun glasses

  4. Foul weather jacket, unless you want to end up wearing a garbage bag in the rain. Also an extra sweater for over your polo shirt depending on the time of year.

  5. Get your tickets online and avoid the long lines (LINKS ABOVE).Boat Show survival kit

  6. Wanna be cool? Bring what the “Sail-Set” does – a Rolex, a baseball cap or visor with the name of some famous race (Or Mount Gay Rum) emblazoned on the visor, and a polo shirt with a boat name embroidered on it. Most importantly–have fun and enjoy the show.

Join us to meet the friendly folks at ACY, our charter company folks at our Waypoint/Atlantic Cruising float, owners, charter managers, and tax consultants. See you there. Get more information and your tickets for the show in advance.

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