Annapolis in-water SailBoat Show, 2018

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The Grand Daddy of all in-water sailboat shows in the world. The first show. The one show not to miss.

Annapolis in-water Boat Show 2016
Click for review of last year.
  • When: Oct 4-8, 2018
  • Where: Annapolis City Dock
  • Why…

Here’s where you can see it all:

  • Typically over 300 boats, fully rigged and equipped the way you want to use them–in the water.
  • Small boats, dinghies, life-rafts and the rest on land.
  • Several circus tents of equipment displays, often manned by the owner’s and experts of the companies.
  • Vacation (Charter) basin–all of the major charter companies represented as well as our affiliates and our Annapolis charter company, Cruise Annapolis.
  • Live mini-seminars featuring tax experts and owners–At our ACY/Cruise Annapolis floating tent display in the Vacation basin.
  • Brokerage boat basin
  • Information and lecture series–sign up at boat show site, and/or get tickets in advance! CLICK HERE.
  • VIDEO  To give you the flavor, and show you where our home office is, On the Harbor–It all started some 45 years ago in annapolis, because this is arguably, the first and biggest in-water show in the world!

Note of caution

It’s almost always way more crowded than you can ever imagine. It’s hard to spend quality time with the knowledgeable Yacht Consultants who will be rotating on the different boats. Talk to us ahead of time to get pricing, or details.

Expect the largest catamaran display in all of North America, and perhaps in the world–all in one place. Also, all of the popular models, including Jeanneau will be there.

ACY displays

Welcome Booth - America's Cruising Capital | Annapolis in-water Boat Show
In addition to being at MF displays, look for our welcoming booth.
  1. Fountaine Pajot: Lucia 40, New Astrea 42, Saona 47,  and Ipanema 58–full information on the other models  all of the Power boat models. (As always, contact us ahead of time to get full information and pricing. The MY 37 and 44 will be at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show first of Nov.)
  2. Jeanneau. Generally all popular models on display: NEW319, NEW410, 440, 490 Yacht Series: 51, 54  Boats and/or information available-check ahead with your ACY Sales team for details and pricing.
  3. Charter Team and Boat Business team at the ACY/CA display. More Jeanneaus at the Register for Take The Wheel Workshop.

Resources–click the links…

The boat show site. Get tickets. See who will be there–note, the list of participants is often way out of date–call the supplier to get the latest information.

  • Information and lecture series–sign up at boat show site, and/or get tickets in advance! CLICK HERE. (Get tickets in advance of the crowds and walk right in.)
  • All about Annapolis Here.
  • Commando gear for the show-follows. Don’t look like a NEWBIE How to make your visit more comfortable.
  • Directions and Parking 


  1. Spring show and upcoming boat showA carry bag–for sure, can be a small shoulder bag–but no back packs–they get in your way and scratch surfaces below. If you leave them outside they, or your stuff might be stolen. Everything described here should fit in your carry or sling bag, plus brochures you pick up.
  2. Shoes–should slip off, no ties–way too difficult, and you will need to take them off often–a pain (Not on our boats, but others.)
  3. Secret weapon–Hospital socks with non-skid bottoms for when you take your shoes off–Sears and pharmacies have them (Sometimes called: Yoga socks, or non-skid socks).
  4. Sun tan lotion of course
  5. Sun glasses, of course — maybe a sun visor as well.
  6. Foul weather jacket–unless you want to end up wearing a garbage bag in the rainMt-Gay-hat2 upcoming boat show. Also an extra sweater for over your polo shirt–In Annapolis in Oct. we’ve had 90 degrees plus, and snow–Even in Florida, very chilly temperatures are possible–be prepared–that’s why you have the bag!
  7. Get your tickets on-line and avoid the long lines. Web site below.
  8. Wanna be cool? Bring what the “Sail-Set” does–A Rolex, a baseball cap or visor with the name of some famous race, (Or Mount Gay Rum) emblazoned on the visor, a polo shirt with a boat name embroidered on it. Most importantly–have fun and enjoy Miami, or Annapolis, “America’s sailing capital!”

Join us there. Meet the friendly folks at ACY, and our management co companies, Owners, Charter Managers, and Tax consultants. See you there.

Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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Video: Boat show and ACY office

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