We Are Excited to Announce Our Partnership with Dufour Yachts

Atlantic Cruising Yachts is proud to announce our partnership with premier yacht manufacturer Dufour.

For over 50 years, Dufour has delivered premier monohulls to the world. Dufour offers a stunning line of performance-based monohulls ranging from 31′-63′ and boasts one of the world’s largest shipyards, based in La Rochelle, France. Dufour’s yachts showcase an unwavering commitment to performance and comfort, with highly-responsive, intuitive design. By finely balancing these elements, and offering value that doesn’t compromise on durability, Dufour assures you of a sailing experience that delivers pure, unadulterated sensation.

Now’s the time to embrace your instincts to feel truly alive in the moment.
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Monohull Models and Comparable Dufour Models

Dufour 310

Compare to Jeanneau 319 or Beneteau 30.1

Discover the Dufour 310
Dufour 360 monohull

Dufour 360

Compare to Jeanneau 349 or Beneteau 35.1

Discover the Dufour 360
Dufour 390

Dufour 390

Compare to Jeanneau 389 or Beneteau 38.1

Discover the Dufour 390
Dufour 412

Dufour 412

Compare to Jeanneau 410 or Beneteau 40.1

Discover the Dufour 412
Dufour 430

Dufour 430

Compare to Jeanneau 440 or Beneteau 41.1

Discover the Dufour 430

Dufour 460

Compare to Jeanneau 490 or Beneteau 46.1

Discover the Dufour 460
Dufour 530

Dufour 530

Compare to Jeanneau 51 or Beneteau 51.1

Discover the Dufour 530
Dufour 56

Dufour 56

Compare to Jeanneau 54 or Beneteau 55.1 or Beneteau 54

Discover the Dufour 56
Dufour 61

Dufour 61

Compare to Jeanneau 64 or Beneteau 62

Discover the Dufour 61