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6 Reasons to Own a Yacht

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Life is just a little sweeter on a boat. Buying a yacht is a life-changing investment and soon after your purchase, you’ll start to experience the positive benefits. When you own a luxury yacht, you will always be able to experience somewhere new. Below, we explore 6 great reasons to own a boat:

1. Boating Reduces Stress

A couple enjoying a meal on their boatIt’s no secret that our daily lives can be stressful. Modern life is full of demands coming from our phones, computers, and all the other electronic devices designed to keep us busy. Now there’s more research than ever about how breaking away from our routines for a moment of self-care is crucial to avoid burning out. The “blue mind” phenomenon refers to the relaxed and meditative state our brains experience when we are in, on, or near water¹. Unplugging will be easy to do on your own yacht.

2. Design Your Vacation

A family enjoying a meal on their boatWhen you have a boat, your hotel and transportation are always covered. On the water, you can go wherever you want and stay for as long as you’d like. And with your kitchen on board, you can eat and stay comfortable no matter where you decide to go. There’s no better place to make lasting memories with friends and family.

3. Use it for Business Meetings

Meet with clients or take your team out on the water for unforgettable bonding experiences. With a growing economy, it’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself to retain employees and clients. Celebrate a new partnership or an exceptional business year during a sunset on the water.

4. Ownership is Surprisingly Affordable

Purchasing a boat or yacht is a substantial investment, but it can be more affordable than you think. The Business Yacht Ownership® program is our most popular way to own. We host regular live webinars by independent tax advisor and certified financial planner, Bill Lahr, to explain how you can own your yacht, your way with the potential to offset 80-100% of new yacht costs. Sign up for one of our live webinars to learn more.

5. Learn New Skills

Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40Picking up a new hobby or skill has loads of benefits. Learning a new skill like sailing or cruising will create a lifetime of fun, stories, and experiences that you can share with people for years to come. Whether you are experienced or don’t know your bow from your stern, there is no shortage of classes you can take to become a boating aficionado. Many charter companies host American Sailing Association Sailing classes throughout the year. Learn more and enroll here.

6. Your Yacht is Customizable

When you buy a yacht or boat, there’s much more that goes into it than just picking which one you want. At Atlantic Cruising Yachts, we are with you every step of the way through your commissioning process all the way to the final handover and beyond. Our experts help you choose every feature from interior design details to what hardware systems will meet the demands of offshore cruising. We also have staff on the ground in France offering tours of the factory as your vessel is being built, and offering you peace-of-mind during the process.

Are you ready to make an investment that you can get excited about? Atlantic Cruising Yachts would love to get you started on your yacht ownership journey. Contact us today to bring the dream of ownership into a reality.

¹“Blue Mind Book.” Wallace J Nichols, http://www.wallacejnichols.org/122/bluemind.html.