Thinking of Setting Up Your Boat as a Business®? 5 Questions You Need to Ask

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Headshot of Bill Lahr, an independent accredited fiduciary, tax strategist, and certified financial planner, with Archetype Advisors.
Bill Lahr, an independent accredited fiduciary, tax strategist, and certified financial planner, with Archetype Advisors.

As more and more clients are reaping the benefits of Business Yacht Ownership®, and interest at the boat shows has skyrocketed, we’ve seen some imitators springing up with less comprehensive programs. We asked Bill Lahr, an independent accredited fiduciary, tax strategist, and certified financial planner, with Archetype Advisors, what questions should clients be asking about the Boat as a Business® program? Bill advises many of our clients on the Business Yacht Ownership® and has seen imitation programs, which he found lack the experience, independent oversight, and flexibility of the Atlantic Cruising Yachts program.

1. Are independent experts validating the program?

It’s critical that an independent advisor looks at the program and determines if it’s the right fit for your specific needs. Bill acts as a completely independent advisor — he’s not here to sell you a boat. He works with many clients financial and tax planning and makes sure the program is fiscally prudent for you and will help you meet your goals. If there isn’t truly independent oversight, how can you be certain you are making the right decision, and not just being pushed towards a purchase?

2. Does the program offer flexibility to meet your financial and boat usage goals?

Most of the clients we refer to Bill are looking to accomplish one of three priorities with the Boat as a Business® program: lowering their tax payments, growing their net worth, or owning a boat more affordably. The Atlantic Cruising Yachts Business Yacht Ownership® program can be tailored depending on your financial goals. If you’re looking to enhance your net worth, the program can be set up to turn a normally depreciating asset into a valuable business that can prioritize profitability, or simply offset expenses. If personal use of your yacht is your top priority, the program gives you the flexibility to use your boat when and where you want to.

3. Is there a track record of success with the Boat as a Business® program?

For Atlantic Cruising Yachts, the Business Yacht Ownership® program is not some new gimmick. It’s been at the foundation of our business for more than 40 years. As the originator of the Boat as a Business® concept, we’ve helped more than 800 people successfully set up their yachts as a business to offset 80 to 100% of the costs of a new yacht. We’re the leader in the field of private boats for private management for good reason.

4. Does the company have a strong sales and support network behind their boats?

As one of the largest worldwide dealers for Jeanneau and Fountaine Pajot, Atlantic Cruising Yachts offers the most experience, the most competitive pricing, and the strongest after sales support network available.

5. Does the company have the geographic reach to let you set up your boat where you want to be?

Don’t limit yourself to a single location. With locations at the most popular charter locations, including Newport, Rhode Island, Annapolis, Maryland, Florida, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands, we have the geographic reach to cover you up and down the Atlantic coast, from Canada to the Caribbean.

When deciding if the Business Yacht Ownership® program is a good fit, you’re certain to have questions. Join Bill for a live webinar to get your questions answered, or contact us to learn more.



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